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The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - August 2015 Recap

By Rion Martin  •  September 1, 2015


The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - August 2015 Recap

Posted by: Rion Martin on September 1, 2015
Rion Martin
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Going back to 2009 and updating each month, our World’s 50 Most Popular Brands dashboard analyzes conversations from all over the social web to highlight the brands people talk about most often, who is talking, and how they feel about each brand.

August 2015 was a particularly volatile month. Below are the highlights of some of the largest changes in rank and extended coverage of what caused the shifts.

1. Celebrities launched Ferrari 16 spots to #23

Growth in mentions for the Ferrari brand was driven by three big names: Kylie Jenner, Christian Bale, and Sebastian Vettel.

Ferrari social media topic cloud for August 2015
tyga gives Kylie Jenner a new Ferrari for her 18th birthday
Christian Bale announced to play Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann film
Christian Bale announced to play Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann film

2. MTV defied declining award show mentions, emerged as #5 most talked about brand

In the face of declining conversations for the majority of award shows, MTV managed to buck the trend, stirring up 30.5m conversations for its 2015 VMAs compared to 23.5m in 2014. Mentions of the award show elevated the brand to the #5 most popular brand in August 2015.

Chart of social conversations for the MTV VMAs 2011 through 2015

3. Kanye West gave Adidas a step up, moving the brand 11 spots to #27

The Adidas brand got a major boost from their PR efforts surrounding and market release of the new Yeezy Boost 350 “Black”, a shoe designed by Kanye West.

Social media conversation topic cloud for Adidas
Social media conversations about Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers

4. Smartphones and smartwatches put LG on the board for August, skyrocketing it to #29

Alleged photos of LG’s upcoming Nexus smartphone emerged on the web and spread like wildfire, driving enormous amounts of attention for LG.

A mysterious new smartwatch by LG also showed up in FCC filings, and at the end of the month the company unveiled a 23-karat gold luxury smartwatch dubbed the Watch Urbane.

Social media topic cloud for LG August 2015
Social media conversations about the LG Watch Urbane
Leaked photo of the LG Nexus 2015

5. MetLife ranked in the top 50 for first time, entirely because of tweet by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson

The Louis Tomlinson tweet that put Metlife on the map for August 2015

6. Fifa continued to fall in ranking because of persistent outrage over widespread corruption within the organization

Topic cloud of Fifa social media conversations, corruption the most talked about

7. The Playstation remained slightly more popular than the Xbox

The Playstation franchise continues to be more popular at #17, though less positively discussed, than the Xbox franchise at #19.

A comparison of the ranking of Playstation vs Xbox, Playstation ranked 17, Xbox 19

8. BMW continued to outrank Mercedes, but a big announcement gave Mercedes a major lift

BMW continues to outrank Mercedes by sheer attention coming in at #8.

However, Mercedes climbed two positions to #21 and jumped nine percentage points in positive sentiment, from 77% to 86%, with their announcement of the 2017 Mercedes AMG C63.

Mercedes 2017 C63 caused a big stir

The Top 50 Most Popular Brands on Social Media


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