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Welcome to Infegy: Q&A with Connor Doolan

By Derek Franks  •  August 7, 2018

Read this quick Q&A with the newest member of the Infegy team

Welcome to Infegy: Q&A with Connor Doolan

Posted by: Derek Franks on August 7, 2018


We just keep on growing!

It’s an exciting time at Infegy, where we are adding more and more skilled people and working every day to build a superior product.

We are a technology company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to work its magic, but believe it or not, this is a human-based company.

Our goal is to help our customers and partners learn more about the people and conversations that make this world go round. And to do that, we need some seriously talented people working and collaborating together in an environment conducive for excellence.

We think we’re succeeding in that.

So, naturally, we’d love to continue introducing you to the new faces in the Infegy family.

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Connor Doolan, who will be part marketing data researcher, part mad scientist.

Connor is our new marketing research analyst, who’s joined the team to help us discover insights for our client partners, build and develop reports, dig into the social data research and teach us something new. Basically, his goal is to break our machines.

While you’re taking a break from doing social data research of your own in Infegy Atlas, you can get to know Connor with this quick Q&A.

Welcome, Connor!

Welcome to Infegy, Connor! TITLE

Tell us a little about your background. Where’d you come from? What was your previous role and company and/or where did you you get your education/training?

I come from a mixed background of product and marketing roles, but most recently I was a paid media analyst for an ad agency here in KC.

What excites you about the company and opportunity?

Since graduation I've grown more and more interested in text analytics, so I'm really excited about Infegy's product offering, and I'm excited to use my role to get other people interested in it, too.

What vision do you have for your role?

I hope that my work will demonstrate the value of Infegy's products, and will help bring in some new customers!  

Do you have a career idol or person you follow that you look up to?

I definitely look up to my dad - he continues to provide great advice on how to succeed.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote about career, success, leadership, motivation or life in general that resonates with you?

My favorite inspirational quote comes from The Rock: "Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room."

What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies, interests and favorite activities?

I enjoy spending time with friends, keeping up with sports and new shows, and trying new restaurants. I don't do it enough, but I also love bowling.

What is the coolest place you’ve traveled to or best trip you’ve been on?

I was lucky enough to go to Italy last year, which was a great trip. Venice was the coolest stop there.

Where might you go for your company-bought trip after your first year?

My brother and I want to go to Pamplona, Spain, for the running of the bulls.


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