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TV Shows Netflix Users Want — No Mind Reading Involved

By marketing  •  August 11, 2013


TV Shows Netflix Users Want — No Mind Reading Involved

Posted by: marketing on August 11, 2013

Update: Based on overwhelming response, we’ve created a petition to bring Dragon Ball Z to Netflix. Click here to sign

As of June 2013, Netflix had almost 38 million total users. These millions of people were accessing a defined catalog of movies, television episodes, and even original series.

Around the same time our research was conducted, Netflix had been making headlines for revealing just how they made such accurate suggestions. According to Wired.com, it’s not mind reading at all — it’s actually quite a process. Around 40 Netflix analysts find similarities between movies and shows, hand-tagging them to aid in presenting you with your new favorite series.

But what about the shows Netflix doesn’t have? As it turns out, there had been 172,000 posts online in the last year mentioning all sorts of television series and movies Netflix users wanted to access.

Our research focused on conversations that expressed desire for shows that were not currently avaiable. Example posts included “I wish Netflix had the Harry Potter movies” or “I hope Netflix gets the Hunger Games soon.” No mind reading required here!

Without further adieu, Netflix Top 5 Desired Shows:

Dragon Ball Z

41,793 posts, mentioned every 13 minutes

When searching what Netflix viewers want to watch, Dragon Ball Z was the overwhelming top choice with just under 42,000 posts in the last year. 85% of the wishful conversation for Dragon Ball Z on Netflix was generated by males.

Dragon Ball Z Gender Distribution

Dragon Ball Z Gender Distribution


11,442 posts, mentioned every 46 minutes

Pokemon is another series users were pining after, with more than 11,000 posts in a one year period. Like Dragon Ball Z, users contributing to these conversations were predominantly male, although not quite so strongly (68% male, 32% female here).Interestingly, the most common time for people discussing their wishes for Pokemon was late at night.

Pokemon Hourly Conversation Distribution

Pokemon Hourly Conversation Distribution

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4,601 posts, mentioned every 2 hours

The third show on the list is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the 90’s classic starring Will Smith that originally aired on NBC. Conversation around the series puts it in third place, with just over 4,600 posts. 98% of these posts were taking place on “Microblogs” — meaning sites like Facebook and Twitter. The other 2% of conversation was made up primarily of posts on a variety of longer-format blogs.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Channel Distribution

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Channel Distribution

That’s So Raven

2,294 posts, mentioned every 4 hours

Disney’s original series That’s So Raven places fourth on the Netflix wish list with 2,294 posts. The show was mentioned every 4 hours with women creating more of the conversation than men. That’s So Raven spiked to 230 conversations on January 7, 2013, which is almost 40 times the norm for the series.

That's So Raven Volume Statistics

That's So Raven Volume Statistics


1,303 posts, mentioned every 7 hours

Chandler, Joey, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe became household names after their debut on the hit series Friends. The show ran for ten seasons and placed fifth on our list with 1,303 posts mentioning the show in the last year.

Friends Sentiment

Friends Sentiment

Honorable Mentions

Other TV shows that were mentioned a good amount, but didn’t make the top 5 are The Walking Dead, Boy Meets World, and The Boondocks.

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