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Auto Report: Social Insights Reveal Dramatic Shifts in Automotive Consumer Trends

By Derek Franks  •  January 20, 2020

The way people think about cars and the process of buying cars has changed. From electric vehicles to online car buying (and car delivery!) there has been a drastic shift in the car buying experience-- including the question of whether people will buy cars at all.


But what's driving (pun intended 🚙) auto industry trends, and what do people think about their car buying experiences? What do consumers look for when buying a car? Which auto...

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Topics: social media, market research, advertising, branding, social media data, social listening, consumer research, social listening tools, social listening data, Report, automotive, auto, auto consumer trends, automotive consumer trends, consumer trends, cars, electric vehicles, automotive report

Who are the World’s Most Trusted Brands and Why? (Updated for 2020)

By Derek Franks  •  January 9, 2020

Consumer trust in a brand is almost as valuable as their dollars.


If people trust your brand, they will buy it. But not just that. They will buy it again. They’ll remain loyal to you. They may even become brand advocates or super fans.


If consumer trust isn’t maintained, people become disenfranchised from you. They may switch back and forth between brands. They may base their purchase solely on price, convenience, or whether or not they have...

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Topics: social media, brand perception, advertising, branding, social media data, social listening, marketing strategy, social listening tools, social listening data, artificial intelligence, consumer trends, brand trust

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