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REPORT: Analyzing Airbnb's Adventurous Travelers

By Derek Franks  •  August 22, 2018

In the latest social listening report for ad agencies and brands, we took a look at Airbnb and their passionate audiences

REPORT: Analyzing Airbnb's Adventurous Travelers

Posted by: Derek Franks on August 22, 2018

How does Airbnb, one of the world’s most visible and well known brands, connect so well with their audiences?

What can the teams who work for the Airbnb brand do to continue that trend?

And what can we all learn from the brand’s successes that we could apply to our own situations?

Great questions!

If you’re like us, you’re curious as to what it is that makes an innovative company so innovative and continue to break the mold in a noisy, crowded online universe.

In our latest social listening report, we analyzed some of the world’s most reputable ad agencies and their top client brands to uncover hidden trends, build audience personas, measure performance of campaigns and find new strategic opportunities.

One such brand is Airbnb, and one of their agencies, Starcom Worldwide.

We took a look at the brand and put together a snapshot of their online audiences, the various campaigns they work on, and how people around the world talk about Airbnb as a whole. Here are a few things we discovered:

Airbnb Report Analysis TITLE


Airbnb’s Vocal Tribe Provides Insight into Their
Buying Habits

The hospitality and tech giant has one thing going for them more than any brand in our report: they have a big, passionate and vocal tribe.

This base of fans and audiences pushes the brand far past any of its competitors discussing their travel experiences, booking, destinations and their love for the company in general.

AIRBNB post volume Agency Report

Airbnb has amassed this huge following thanks to its innovation, accessibility, exceptional branding and its participation and leadership into important causes. The audiences provide a fascinating inside look into how people who love the brand act, think and feel, which can help us draw conclusions about their buying behaviors and decision making.

With so many conversations occurring online about the organization, you can get a clear read on these audiences, their personas, their interests and the other influential factors that motivate them.

We’ve covered before how getting a representative sample of online conversations where people express themselves will help you learn valuable information that can have real business impact. Download the social listening report to learn more about these audiences, fans and customers.


Analyzing the Most Discussed Destinations for Airbnb Audiences Helps Predict Demand

Looking at the destinations discussed amongst those who mention Airbnb, we can zero in on what kind of demand there is for traveler’s who may also book with the roomshare brand.

Last year, Airbnb released its 2018 travel trends report exploring their predictions for the most booked destinations around the world.

The top 5 were:

  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Paris
  • London
  • New York City

We found that online conversations around those locations showed a close correlation to the predictions they listed. However, there were a few notable differences in how often these destinations were discussed.

So, which travel destinations were most coveted amongst the company’s online audiences?

Click here to see what else we found.

Airbnb and Starcom Prove the Value of Effectively Targeting Niche Audiences

With their work on the business travel campaign, Airbnb and Starcom prove that targeting a niche audience base has huge upside.

They effectively chose a specific target, business travelers, and created a creative ad campaign that was aligned with their customer base’s interests. The campaign was set to help further promote its Airbnb for Work program that launched back in 2014.

According to our analysis, business-related topics are the most discussed category amongst Airbnb’s audiences. These audiences’ top interests are business, investing, email and other topics.

Airbnb’s push for this target also makes sense as they continue to focus on challenging the hotel industry in competing for consumer dollars. Business travel makes up 70% of hotel customers.

Combining the rising prices of hotel bookings in places highly frequented by business travelers, like New York, London and San Francisco, with the growing number of younger people in the workforce, the roomshare brand successfully pinpointed a business opportunity to tap.

In February of last year, Airbnb noted that business travel made up 10% of its business. But now there are nearly 700,000 companies enrolled in their business program up from 200,000 in an announcement from 2016.

A brand new report out this month says that the Airbnb for Work accounts for 15% of of its bookings in 2018.


Travelers Come In Many Shapes and Sizes

Everyone travels. Well, at least almost every type of person travels.

Employee, nomad, rich, poor, middle class, adventurous, relaxer, budget-minded, luxury-seeker, those with low vacation days, those with unlimited vacation days, beach-goer and mountain climber.

So, how can a brand like Airbnb sift through all the noise to understand their potential customers and target audiences?

That’s the challenge that social listening insights can help with. Using the data featured in our report, agencies and brands can uncover hidden insights about their audiences, such as passion, emotions, themes, purchase intents, age range, consumer interests and more.

In our report, we refined our research to narrow down the brand’s base of fans and audiences, which helps us see who these people really are and how they think and feel. With these precise data points and analysis, agencies like Starcom can create better brand initiatives, targeted campaigns and messaging for their audiences.

To get more insights on Airbnb, Starcom, as well as some other top agencies and their clients, download the Social Listening Report for Ad Agencies and Their Top-Tier Brands below.


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