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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Social Listening Metrics for Your Marketing Strategy

By Derek Franks  •  May 7, 2018

This infographic will give you a quick breakdown of how social listening metrics will help your marketing strategy

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Social Listening Metrics for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by: Derek Franks on May 7, 2018

You need data to inform your marketing strategy.

There’s no successful marketing, advertising or brand strategy that comes without numbers.

But what numbers are the right ones? Good question.

That’s what led us to write one of our blog posts: “5 Social Listening Metrics For Your Strategy.” And now we’ve compiled these metrics in a fun infographic overview for a quick read, which you’ll find below.

We believe in harvesting the right data from a social analytics tool that will help guide your strategy.

As makers of a premium social listening tool, we have an entire platform devoted to finding answers and solutions that matter to your brand or business. Listening metrics are the often missed analytics that teams will need to better understand their audiences, competitors, buyers and influencers.

So what social listening data is the most useful for your strategy? While there are dozens of different insights available within a platform, we wanted to start with 5 basic ones that can make an immediate impact on your strategy. 

We’ve worked with client partners from different a wide variety of teams and departments at both brands and agencies and we’ve found that that these 5 are the most essential starting point metrics that will help you create a winning strategy. 

Save this graphic, keep it handy, share it with your team, and be sure to read the original article as well.

With that, here are 5 social listening tools metrics that will help you develop and implement your marketing strategy:

5 Social Listening Metrics For Your Marketing Strategy #3


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