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REPORT: Social Listening Analysis of Wearable Tech Brands and Devices

By Derek Franks  •  September 13, 2018

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REPORT: Social Listening Analysis of Wearable Tech Brands and Devices

Posted by: Derek Franks on September 13, 2018

Remember when watches were just for telling time?


Neither do we. High-tech wearables like Smartwatches and fitness bands are the new norm for people to buckle around their wrist. And they are ever-growing in popularity for consumers, serving the purpose of both design and function.


Fitness trackers and Smartwatches both have their top features and benefits, and passionate users have a lot to say about what they love about their devices. But as the industry continues to evolve, there are new ways people are using the technology.


In the “Social Insights Report for the Wearable Tech Industry”, we explore how social listening and intelligence can uncover hidden trends about audiences, products, use cases, brand sentiment, linguistics and more.

More than ever before. Social listening provides a deep view into the world of consumers within specific industries and about brands, companies, products, influencers and competitors.

Using the data mined from all corners of the web, brands and agencies can leverage listening to uncover little-known or often-missed information to better understand the audiences, topics, and opportunities that matter most.




Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from our findings in the State of Wearable Tech Social Listening Report:


Compare and Contrast: How do audiences really feel about their devices?

So, how do people use their devices and how do they feel about their products and brands?

The online world is a wealth of information about how people think and feel. Thanks to social listening and intelligence technology, we can get a large sample size representative of the true population, unsolicited. Our analysis shows accurate consumer feedback and buyer behaviors for both smartwatches and fitness trackers.

We scrubbed millions of online social posts, user created content sources and-- yes -- Amazon Reviews, to get real, raw, authentic feedback on just how consumers feel about each of their devices, brands, features and functions.

Inside the report, we tie it all together with precise insights and a easy-to-read comparison scorecard between each of the brands and devices for both the smartwatch and fitness band categories.

We compare and contrast each brand’s most popular devices with the following metrics and analysis:

  • Product favorability
  • Brand favorability
  • Favorite devices
  • Audience/Customer personas
  • Top uses and favorite features
  • Product quality
  • Product confidence
  • Amazon reviews

To see which smartwatches and fitness trackers win out in consumer eyes, click here.

Design or Function?

Which aspect of their wearables do users care about most, how it looks or what it does?

Interestingly, the design of the watch is increasing in importance for many users. Understandably, looks are more important to smartwatch wearers than fitness tracker customers. But, there’s more to the story here.

In our report, we outline how different audiences have different perspectives on the key features of their devices. Do specific brands beat out the competition in how people feel about their looks? What about their functions like heart rate monitor or GPS? Download the report to find the answers.

Which Brands are Winning the Wearable Tech Market?

Apple Inc. seems to own every market where they have a device. But does the Apple Watch beat out other smartwatch brands in the category? Perhaps in market share of voice. More people talk about Apple in general than virtually any other brand, though.

In our social listening report, we dig deeper to ask the better questions:

  • Who loves what brands more? Which devices and brands own which audience segments?
  • Which devices have the most beloved features?
  • Which brands and devices are growing the fastest in market share? Which are losing ground?
  • How do people use their devices? What are the different use cases based on each of the brands device types?
  • Does the market share and sentiment towards brands and device types line up with revenue and purchases? Can we predict market share and buying habits based on the conversations around wearable tech devices and brands?

These questions and more are answered in our social listening analysis for the wearable tech industry.

Ready to check it out? Click below to download it now.

Enjoy the report!

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The social listening report for the wearable tech industry


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