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REPORT: Analyzing Agencies and Top-Tier Brands

By Derek Franks  •  July 16, 2018

In our latest social insights report, we reveal the analysis for the top brands for some of the world's biggest agencies. How do they stack up?

REPORT: Analyzing Agencies and Top-Tier Brands

Posted by: Derek Franks on July 16, 2018

What consumer insights can advertising and market research agencies learn for their top brands?


More than ever before. Social listening provides a deep view into the world of consumers within specific industries and about brands, companies, products, influencers and competitors. Using the data mined from all corners of the web, agencies can leverage listening to uncover little-known or often-missed information to better understand the audiences, topics, and opportunities that matter most.


That’s what led us to ask the question: what can we find out about some of the biggest brands that would provide amazing insight for the various agencies and research firms that they work with?

In our latest report, we put these insights to test for agencies such as Oglivy, BBDO, and Starcom with analysis of their client brands like IKEA, Netflix, Airbnb and more. 



Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from our findings:

1. Consumer conversations can help open the door for new opportunities

People who discuss their favorite brands online have a lot to say about those services they interact with, the experiences they have and the brands they show an affinity for.

Those who engage with big name brands like IKEA and Airbnb discuss their experiences with their products and services passionately, and there is a wealth of information about these people, their emotions, their motivations and buying behaviors.


2. Analyzing reaction to campaigns can be done fast and in real-time

We don’t have to wait around to do an autopsy on the latest campaign or rebrand. We can get real-time insights by implementing a social listening and monitoring program that captures those insights, identifies trends and helps our teams measure and analyze the performance.


3. There are many influential factors that drive the conversation

The brands and their agency partners are not the only ones who have the power to drive their audiences and customers to act. In today’s ever-connected social world, there are many factors that influence people’s interests and how they act or buy. From friends, mentors, idols, celebrities and influencers, the recommendations from our peers mean a lot.

But we did find that brands and influencers can work together to be part of this word-of-mouth type of conversation. Participating in the community with partnerships aimed at the target audiences can work wonders.


Ready to check it out? Download the report now. 

Enjoy the report!

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