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October 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Raidious

By Madi Harmon  •  October 14, 2016


October 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Raidious

Posted by: Madi Harmon on October 14, 2016

Kira Peavley is the Senior Director of Research and Analytics at Raidious. She derives insights from social data to provide direction and support for clients and projects.

We recently talked with Kira to learn more about how she uses social data.


Infegy: How would you describe Raidious?

Kira: Raidious is a full service digital agency specializing in content creation, and we developed the brand newsroom-style agency. Our primary service line is content and distribution. In addition to that, over time, we started tracking conversations that were happening on the Internet managing brand reputation for clients.

Infegy: How has social data matured since you started using it?

Kira: The analysis side of social data has gotten deeper. Our clients have started working in the digital space themselves and now have a better understanding of what they're looking at. A good example would be impressions.

I am of the mind that impressions are completely pointless when it comes to social media, and now very few clients are interested in impressions, too. During the time it took to get to this point, we went from simply asking how many people saw content to segmenting an audience and targeting content specifically to it.

Social data has matured to focusing on the numbers that are actually important. Raidious - and the industry as a whole - has moved to smarter analysis of insights that are actionable.

Infegy: Are clients more open to the possibilities that social data has to offer?

Kira: The biggest challenge is finding the ability to quickly get the data and insights that you need to build an analysis quickly. Query building has been simplified over time, but as simple as it is, it still takes time to write the correct query for even the most experienced researcher.

For example, you can't just type in 'Target' and hope to get everything about Target, the retailer. There is a lot of content and wording around the topic that needs to be refined in order to narrow in on the data you actually want.

Infegy: What is your favorite project involving social data?

Kira: This project was for a new client, a financial services company. They help you budget and track your money, among other things. I was brought in to help review what they have, what they have been doing, and make recommendations for the future.

First, I looked at the actual conversation around the company. From this we found that when people are talking about the business itself, they aren't actually talking about money. Demographic and consumer interest data allowed us to pair social data with other types of research we pulled and narrow in on the conversations that matter.

Then, we looked at sentiment around the brand and other related topics. The topic we decided to hone in on was personal debt. We were able to pull together an overview of how people talk about personal debt, what their pain-points are, and what else causes their personal debt problems beyond the obvious.

I had to go beyond what people were saying about they company and discover how people talk about money online. There were a wide array of topics to dive into, so I started by discovering who currently uses this company's services and comparing those results to the people who should be using them.

This research showed the client that we did the research on their business, their audience, both future and current clients, and that we can support and meet their KPI goals.

Infegy: What advice would you give to someone who is new to using social data?

Kira: My biggest point of advice is that you should be able to explain every single piece of data that you put into an email, a presentation, a project, or whatever the case may be. Don't put a word cloud on a presentation and expect people to accept it without asking questions. That's not how it works.

It is important to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row before you present data to anyone and that you are able to speak confidently about the data you are presenting. To deal with this, I run multiple different queries to make sure that I am able to speak to a variety of different angles on the data during the presentation. I can make sure there isn't anything amiss, hone in on specific data points, and know the noise in my data is as minimal as possible, if not eliminated altogether. 



We wanted to thank Kira again for sitting down with us to talk about how she uses Infegy Atlas for extracting social insights in her daily work.

Remember, we'll be publishing a new client spotlight each month. Be sure to check out other content on our blog, or if you'd like a more customized look at Infegy Atlas, go ahead and schedule a demo.

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