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How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Insights About Netflix

By Tiffany Tran  •  November 7, 2016


How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Insights About Netflix

Posted by: Tiffany Tran on November 7, 2016

It has been nearly almost decade now since Netflix expanded its business into streaming media (2007). Since then, the company has exploded in growth by expanding quickly into Canada and now provides its services in over 190 countries.

The year 2013 was a special year. That was the year when Netflix entered into the film and television industry and released its first "Netflix Original" content, House of Cards.

Fast forward to today, Netflix now is releasing an estimated of 126 original series or films -- more than any other network or cable channel provider (wiki). The brand has truly grown into a beast of its own in the video streaming business and subscribers are not the only ones who are taking noticing of this, but advertisers too.


Netflix leads with higher brand presence than any of its other big competitors in the video streaming space.

So far the company has kept true to its promise to avoid advertisements (excluding the trailers running before shows to promote their own original content), and people love them so for that.

However, the commercial-free concept has not stopped advertisers in trying to pierce Netflix's veil.


Product placement has been a promising avenue for Netflix in terms of offsetting production costs — because Netflix knows all too well that good content is expensive.

Advertisers are weaseling their way in front of targeted Netflix audiences, without the audiences even knowing it.

The biggest advantage about product placement in a show is that you can't skip it, mute it, or un-see it. There are no ad-blockers for this marketing tactic, and brands and its supporting agencies know that.

To get a look at just how brands can evaluate product placement strategies using information that goes beyond just viewership stats (which Netflix doesn't release out to the public) and traditional research methods, you can download the report below that demonstrates how social media monitoring data can give brands better knowledge on where to spend their ad dollars.

In this report we uncover:

  • The key shows brands should be targeting
  • Audience personas for popular Netflix Original shows
  • How to use what audiences are interested in to create new product and marketing ideas
  • Product placement opportunities CPG brands should jump on

You can download the report for free, in the section below:

Get the Netflix Report for free!

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