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Big Data Intelligence Gives Brands a Competitive Edge

By Ben Hagedorn  •  June 12, 2013


Big Data Intelligence Gives Brands a Competitive Edge

Posted by: Ben Hagedorn on June 12, 2013

Just as every brand is different, every consumer is different. Not one specific marketing tactic or ad campaign attracts every potential customer. Breaking through the noise isn’t an easy task.

So how does a company better understand its target audience? And how can a brand capitalize on unique advantages in its market?

The answer goes by many different names—research, analytics, big data, take your pick. And it’s the way companies can gain knowledge in their marketplaces.

Using Social Radar, Infegy analyzed online conversations around Kellogg’s Special K brand, its target audience, and its competitors. We looked at how perception of the Special K brand differs between the general population versus people who are very passionate about health food.

To accomplish this, we built an audience segment defined by individuals who have been talking very passionately about eating healthy over the last year. This enables us to analyze dialog from within that group for comparison against the general population.

This new intelligence will allow the brand to better understand advantages available in the marketplace for brand management and strategic messaging.

General Population

General Population Sentiment Analysis

First, we looked at the general population’s perception of Special K. Sentiment gives us a key measure of the brand’s favorability. This measures the percentage of commentary about the brand that was positive, negative or mixed.

We see that amongst the general population, sentiment for Special K is quite good, with 69 percent of commentary being positive. The most obvious driver of negative discussion is the recall of Red Berries cereal due to glass fragments being present within the cereal.

General Population Discussion Topics

General Population Discussion Topics

Healthy Eating Population

Healthy Eaters Sentiment Analysis

Next, we analyzed our segment of healthy eaters to compare to the general population. For this group, the brand’s sentiment exceeds expectations. Amongst our audience, positivity is notably higher, at 72 percent. We also see a significant change in the topics of discussion associated with the brand. Within this audience we see conversations of calories, losing weight, and notably less conversations around the Red Berries recall.

Healthy Eaters Discussion Topics

Healthy Eaters Discussion Topics

Competitive analysis

Special K launched Cracker Crisps in the UK in January of 2013. To gauge reactions to the new snacks, we compared it to two of its biggest UK competitors, Snack-a-Jacks and Walkers Sunbites.

In this comparison, we found a common theme; the words “sweet chili” showed up positively in all three topic clouds. This shows that people talking about these brands talk about the sweet chili flavor more than any other flavors.

Kelloggs Competitor Discussion Topics

Kelloggs Competitor Discussion Topics

As you can see from the chart below, Snack-a-Jacks dominated the majority of conversations online when comparing the three snacks. However, most discussions involving all three health snacks generated more positive conversation than negative conversation overall.

Conversations around Special K Cracker Crisps resulted in 86% positivity; Snack-a-Jacks resulted in 81% positivity; and Walkers Sunbites resulted in 94% positivity.

Kelloggs Competitor Discussion Topics

Kelloggs Competitor Analysis

Through the interpretation of this data, great insight was provided and in turn, increases Special K’s potential for continued growth. We can see that the highest opportunities for growth exist within formulating strategies to appeal to the passionate target base of the health-conscious customers.

This market and competitive research, available using Social Radar’s wealth of historical data and proprietary analysis, will continue leading the way for Special K.

To easily view the entire PDF report, click here to download it.


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