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Introducing Atlas 2.0, the next generation of social media intelligence

By Rion Martin  •  May 15, 2016


Introducing Atlas 2.0, the next generation of social media intelligence

Posted by: Rion Martin on May 15, 2016
Rion Martin
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Opening remark from Justin Graves, Founder and CEO of Infegy

"The road to creating Atlas 2.0 has been a collective journey embarked upon by Infegy and our clients to create something truly extraordinary that helps our users gain the insights they need to make the most informed decisions in the least amount of time.

I want to thank each and every one of our customers for continuing to help us evolve our social media intelligence platform to address constantly changing market needs. We couldn't have done this without you!" 


Today we're launching Atlas 2.0, a major update with a host of exciting new features and improvements.

Built on-top of a new version of our API, Atlas 2.0 functions with greater speed, larger sample sizes, an improved interface, and provides many new groundbreaking capabilities.

Some of the most exciting updates include:


Audience Interests : What else your audience likes

"What else are people who talk about a specific brand interested in?"

It's a question that's always on the minds of marketers, and we've developed a way to find out.

Introducing Infegy Atlas Interests:



The Interests tab provides information of what else authors mentioning your query talk about and to what degree. 

Take the example above. People mentioning the Playstation are 2.4x more likely to be interested in Comic Books and make up 38% of the total audience

Source Author Filter: Easily target specific authors

In the past when you wanted to focus in one a specific author you had to use queries. Not any more.

With the source author filter targeting one specific author, or a group of specific authors, is as easy as applying a filter. Take Yelp! for example:


Query Workspaces : Organize your projects

Quickly and easily organize all of your social data projects with Workspaces, a new functionality that saves everything about your query, or group of queries, to a quickly reloadable project folder. 


Images : More images and image channels

Images are now outpacing text on social media networks and with this in-mind we've bolstered our image capabilities. 

Atlas 2.0 now includes more image data, including data from the number one image sharing social network, Instagram.


Hashtag Topic Clouds : Hashtags AND their impact

Hashtags are an incredibly important device used across social media but it's not enough to just identify what hashtags are being used.

With our new hashtag topic cloud users can not only see what hashtags are being used most often but the context and impact on sentiment those converations containing hashtags are having.



Improved Age Data : Now with more sources

Online, age data is an elusive point of information.

We've updated our algorithms to be smarter about identifying the ages of authors and to do it more often, giving you larger samples and more accurate demographic information. 



Emojis : More visualization and analysis

From text messages to emails to social conversations, Emojis are now a common part of our everyday conversations. 

Atlas 2.0 categorizes, displays, and understands emojis better than ever before. 



Data : 50% larger samples + 10x more data

Our new API makes it possible to ingest even more data, faster than ever before.

As a result, we've upped our sample sizes by more than 50%. We've also introduced an entirely new collection system that is ingesting 10x more data.

Fortunately, because we normalize our dataset, trend analysis back through 2007 will still be just as accurate as it always has been. 


Atlas 2.0 has been a huge labor of passion for the Infegy team and we're excited for you to jump in and start using it. 

If you have any questions as you explore the new capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact our esteemed colleague and head of customer success, Alex Walter


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