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Introducing 5 New Social Listening Features in Infegy Atlas

By Alex Walter  •  October 10, 2018

Atlas Updates: More Data, More Precisely

Introducing 5 New Social Listening Features in Infegy Atlas

Posted by: Alex Walter on October 10, 2018

Our goal for Infegy Atlas is to give you the data and analytics you need for better and faster consumer insights.


I believe one of the best things about Infegy, is our focus on an agile work environment which allows us to release new features seamlessly and quickly. In our latest round of releases, we took feedback from our clients and added features that you have asked for.

Here they are at a glance:

  • Custom Data Analysis - upload your own data and get it analyzed instantly inside Infegy Atlas
  • Query Search Highlighting - see which parts of the text was denoted as positive or negative
  • Marketing Area Location Information  - narrow down geographic data to the media market 
  • Audience Search - Search for specific groups of people - no query required
  • Topic Cloud Editing - revise your topic cloud to include/exclude words/phrases in the results

We take our partners’ comments to heart, and today we’re proud to roll out these new ways to find better insights. These are the direct result of your feedback.


1. Analyze Any Data Instantly with Custom Data Analysis

Traditionally, social listening is used to analyze vast amounts of online social data to better understand how consumers think and feel about a given topic, brand or industry.


We’re taking this one step further with the introduction of Infegy Custom Dataset Analysis. Users can now harness the power of Infegy’s natural language understanding to quickly gain insights from other text-based sources such as traditional open ended surveys, chat logs or even online reviews.

Simply upload your excel file containing all of the data you would like to analyze to the platform. In a matter of seconds Atlas will output insights related to that dataset such as author gender, top themes and emotions, geography, top sentimental topics and more. You can run that query alone or alongside other data and your social data.

Custom Data

Whether it’s 100 or 100,000 unique responses you’re uploading, Atlas can analyze them without breaking a sweat.

Ready to take this new capability for a test drive? Get in touch with a member of our team to schedule a demo.

2. Query Search Highlighting

Understanding why a tweet or Instagram post was returned by your query is pretty straightforward given the short nature of the content. It can be a bit more challenging with longer form content like blog pieces and news articles, though.

Thanks to a recently launched platform enhancement, Atlas makes it easier to understand why a post is relevant to your research by automatically highlighting your query terms within the posts and sentiment tabs of the dashboard.

In short, you’ll save time in the platform so you can get back to doing what you do best- thoughtful, innovative consumer insights research. 

3. Post Information by Marketing Areas

Every research project calls for a certain degree of specificity.

Performing a general brand audit? Country level insights should do. Curious about how Americans in different regions feel about a new product launch? US State insights will suffice.

How about taking it one step further? From Denver, Colorado to Seattle, Washington our new, more granular geography level insights give you the ability to drill down media markets. 

Grography GIF

Even more geo data to analyze...that’s what we call a #researchwin.

4. Search for an Audience Without a Query

What are moms talking about online? Are foodies naturally passionate about discussing certain cuisines? Coffee lovers?

Great questions!

Leveraging the biography information found in authors’ online profiles, you can now query Infegy’s immense dataset of online authors without also needing to apply an audience segment.

This is a game changer because you can now perform macro trend social listening without needing to build an audience segment or bias your research with the addition of a query.

Audiences GIF

5. Topic Cloud Editing

This is one of the most frequently requested features by our clients: the ability to easily edit a topic cloud without affecting the actual query parameters or boolean query research string.

Delete from word cloud

This new feature will temporarily hide specific words/phrases from your linguistics topic cloud but will not affect the overall analysis. After re-running your query or hitting “refresh”, the topic cloud will revert back to its original form.

Whether its making the platform easier to use through automatic query highlighting or expanding the types of textual data you can analyze in Atlas with Custom Datasets, the Infegy team is genuinely excited to share these platform updates with you, and we can’t wait to see the amazing insights you’re able to uncover.

These are some pretty great new social listening features and we know this because they were suggested by you. We love your thinking. Give them a try and let us know how you feel.


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