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INFOGRAPHIC: How Social Listening Is Transforming the Marketing Process

By Derek Franks  •  January 22, 2018

This illustration explains how social media listening is the must-have resource for audience research and analytics

INFOGRAPHIC: How Social Listening Is Transforming the Marketing Process

Posted by: Derek Franks on January 22, 2018

Listening is the new monitoring.

Today’s best marketers make it a point to listen to what people have to say, but more importantly also how they feel.

The previous hallmark method of listening in which brands engage and respond to people who follow them, known as monitoring, is still an important aspect to any marketing strategy and customer service strategy. But in this noisy, convoluted, ever-changing world, it’s not enough.

We need to listen more, to different people and at different touchpoints. People talk. They talk anywhere and everywhere. The most valuable content doesn’t even exist on your owned channels. It exists out there, somewhere. To find it, you’ll nee the right tools and the right strategy.

For those who are finding success with this more involved methods of social listening, brands and marketers are realizing the full benefits of utilizing those tactics and then applying them to their marketing strategies, social media management and content creation, market research and consumer and audience analysis.

With so many opportunities awaiting those in the industry, it can be useful to take a look at these elements that causing a major transformation in the marketing and advertising space. We decided to compile all of this overview from our original blog post into a singular illustration for you to bookmark, download and save.

Here is the infographic on 5 ways social media listening is transforming the marketing process:

INFOGRAPHIC_ How Social Listening is Transforming the Marketing Process.png

The evolution of marketing and advertising has created some remarkable opportunities for us to better understand our audiences, fans and competitors. It’s important we capitalize on the innovations, intelligence and technology that gives us access to the important data and insights that can help us be better listeners.

To read the full blog post on how social listening is transforming the marketing process, go here.

For a complete, personalized demo to see how social listening can transform your team’s efforts, go here.

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