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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things to Look For in a Social Data Platform

By Derek Franks  •  August 13, 2018

Social media tools come in many shapes and sizes. Find the right one by considering these tips.

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things to Look For in a Social Data Platform

Posted by: Derek Franks on August 13, 2018

With hundreds of millions of user-created posts being published to the web every minute, you need to find a way to harness all the data and use it to benefit your business.


You may rush quickly into finding a easy or cheap social analytics tool, but without the right vetting you could miss out on important aspects and features of a quality tool that will help tell you everything you need to know.


From social media scheduling to social listening and social intelligence, and all the various tools that fall under the umbrella, you can narrow down to the right tools for your team without ever sacrificing quality in the metrics.

We’ve covered the differences between the various social data tools, practices and key terms, as well as written list of the best social media tools for you to definitely read up on when considering.

However, when you’re actually looking at these tools, there are couple of litmus tests the platforms should pass first.

Below, we’ve taken one of our popular articles “5 Things to Look For In a Social Platform” and versioned it into a quick, easy-to-read infographic that’s perfect for sharing with your team. So download this one and make sure your boss or business decision makers keep one handy for the future.

Click Here to Download the Infographic: 5 Things to Look For In a Social Data  Platform


Here are the 5 things to consider every time you're deciding on a social data platform:

5 Things to Look For In a Social Data Platform INFOGRAPHIC FINAL


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