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Infegy Turns 10!

By Megan Owara  •  February 19, 2017

Infegy Turns 10!

Posted by: Megan Owara on February 19, 2017
10 years ago today Infegy was officially founded, and began offering social intelligence software clients could use to better understand their ideal consumers. Infegy has been collecting an immense volume data ever since.
Since our first day 10 years ago we've made some big strides in improving our social listening platform, Infegy Atlas. Some fun facts on scaling our system with the immense growth in social data available today include:
  • Our servers have 2,000x the processing power we started with
  • Our storage capacity has increased by 10,000x in 10 years
  • 90 seconds of data we collected today is equivalent to 24 hours' worth in 2007
While our platform has gone through name changes, updates, and enhancements, the core values and offerings have remained the same. We still work every day to offer our clients richer, deeper and faster consumer insights. We continue to offer high flexibility with extreme speed, unlimited searches and historical data all at a fixed cost.
Over the past 10 years, we have helped our clients determine what moms think about sugar content in cereals, what drives sales for nail polish, and if the Playstation 4 will outsell the Xbox One.
We have a lot of exciting features coming to market in 2017. Upcoming releases include an overhaul of the search infrastructure for even faster and more flexible queries, image recognition, and even the ability for our software to intelligently recognize entities like companies, people and brands in comments automatically.
To this day, Infegy continues to be a founder-funded, independent company in Kansas City. We'd like to thank all of our clients who keep us inspired every day for the past 10 years! We couldn't do this without you.

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