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How to Apply Social Listening Data: A Quick Guide

By Derek Franks  •  December 18, 2017

The following roundup of our latest content explores the tactics marketers, analysts and strategiests can use to apply social listening data

How to Apply Social Listening Data: A Quick Guide

Posted by: Derek Franks on December 18, 2017

ICYMI: We’re passing along a roundup of some recent content that covers the topics related to how to apply social listening data:

Even if you have the best information in the world, it matters not if you don’t know what to do with it.

Collecting consumer data through social media research is a deeply intuitive way to gain a better understanding of your brand or business’ place in the marketplace, who your customers and prospects are, or what your competitors are up to, and it can provide you valuable insight into how you should approach your strategies and marketing tactics.

This data collection provides high quality information that can help your team make important business, marketing and advertising decisions.

But how do you apply the data? What do you do with it once you have it?

We spend a lot of time focusing one-on-one with our partners to help them get the most out of their market research and audience analysis. So, we’ve been able to see first-hand how brands and businesses can mine this data and utilize it to drive brand growth and build a company their customers expect and value.

In that, we’ve found that these various use-cases have led us to create several pieces of content that can help provide similar guidance to implementing the insights found within social listening research.

Below, we’ve collected some of this content into a nice round up for you to easily access and read up on. Bookmark these articles and keep them close by for your team to turn to to when needed.

Here is the roundup:

4 Innovative Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media Data

Social media channels aren’t just vital marketing resources. They contain a universe of valuable data about people, places, businesses, products and anything else that people talk about. This guide breaks down the different ways brands and businesses can implement social media data to gain an edge. Read here.

How to Apply Consumer Research Data for Your Marketing Strategy

How exactly do you apply the findings during your consumer research? This easy, 3-step guide explains how to implement the insights you discover during audience and market research and improve marketing strategies.

5 Ways Social Listening Is Transforming the Marketing Process

The most innovative way to discover high-quality information about consumers is through social listening, the art of utilizing the billions of unsolicited online conversations to guide business decisions, campaigns, strategies and consumer research. This kind of research, and the many high-tech platforms that are used to conduct it, are changing the marketing process. This article explains how. 


How to Apply Social Listening To B2B Research

Consumer research through social media listening isn’t just for big consumer facing brands with lots of social followers. B2B entities have just as much incentive to utilize the tools and resources available to understand their customers and grow their business. How? Find out.

The Social Listening Report for the QSR Industry

One of the best ways to understand how to apply social listening data is to see it in action. Our industry reports analyzing different brands and consumers from specific industries are the perfect case studies. We built this report analyzing brands and customers in the QSR industry using our social listening tool, Infegy Atlas. Read through the report to see how we applied our findings and use it as a way to implement your own. What fast food brands resonate most with customers? What do people think of limited time offers and specific menu items. Find out in this report.

Audience Analysis: Lyft Teams Up with Taco Bell

In this article, we analyzed a specific promotional event between Lyft and Taco Bell to see how the consumers at large responded. This is another example of how listening data could be applied to help brands and businesses gauge the reaction and measure performance. Go here.

25 Questions Social Listening can help answer

The main takeaway from this roundup is that there are tons of ways to apply online listening and consumer research data to improve your bottom line and grow your brand. Here we take a broad overview at the many questions social listening can help answer. Read here.

Whitepaper: How to Apply Listening Data

And finally, one last thing we’ll leave with you… here is a document that you can download that goes over other different ways to apply social listening data. Take this to the rest of your team to easily explain how social listening can be applied in different scenarios. Download it now


We’d love to show you personally how your team can utilize the data found with social listening research. Setup a one-on-one chat with our team here to see how listening can help your brand or business.

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