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Forbes Top-Earning Celebrities

By marketing  •  July 23, 2013


Forbes Top-Earning Celebrities

Posted by: marketing on July 23, 2013

Following the release of Forbes’ Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30 list, we decided to create a list of our own. Forbes told us which celebrities under 30 made the most money in the last year, but which of these stars or starlets generated the most conversation online?

Check out Infegy’s list (in order of most talked about to least) below.

Most Talked About Celebrities 2013

Most talked about celebrities

1. Justin Bieber - 62% positive, 1,331,661,977 posts

When comparing conversation around all 10 celebrities, Justin Bieber is at the top of the charts, making up nearly half of the conversation, 49% to be exact. Sentiment surrounding the pop star is positive as well, at 62%.

He did get some heat online recently for standing on the Chicago Blackhawks logo to take a picture of the Stanley Cup. The logo is seen as sacred; players don’t walk over their own logo. 

2. Lady Gaga - 65% positive, 321,261,730 posts

Lady Gaga, who is at the top of Forbes’ list, comes in second in ours. Conversation surrounding Gaga makes up 12% of the overall dialogue, with 65% being positive. In July, social conversations shot up because of the artist’s decision to pose nude for V Magazine. 

3. Taylor Swift - 75% positive, 308,772,589 posts

Conversation around Taylor Swift follows closely behind Lady Gaga, as she makes up 11% of online buzz in the last year. Her fans, loyally named “Swifties,” show their support for the artist online, speaking positively in 75% of content. In December of 2012, Taylor gained attention online for stepping out with then-boyfriend Harry Styles.  

4. Rihanna - 70% positive, 302,570,063 posts

Rihanna ties with Taylor, making up 11% of conversation. Her sentiment is very positive at 70%. Last November, Rihanna released her seventh album, Unapologetic. Fans went crazy over it, and enjoyed speculating the album’s ties to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown through social media. 

5. Jennifer Lawrence - 79% positive, 131,892,792 posts

Jennifer Lawrence, affectionately referred to as “the girl on fire” by fans of The Hunger Games, has put herself on the map. In the last year, she makes up 5% of conversation and has a high positive sentiment with 79%.

Chatter surrounding the actress spiked in February, when she won the Academy Award for best actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer tripped on her way to the stage, which seemed to make fans praise her even more.

6. Adele - 81% positive, 129,339,749 posts

In the last year, online dialogue around music-sensation Adele has steadily increased to 5%, when we look at all 10 of the celebrities. 81% of these conversations are positive, the second highest on our list.

This year, people raved on social media about Adele’s performance at the Oscars in February after she sang her hit theme song from James Bond, called “Skyfall.”

7. Katy Perry - 73% positive, 93,786,904 posts

Conversation around Katy Perry comes up behind Adele at 3%, with 73% positivity. In July of 2012, Katy released her movie Part of Me, which followed her life, career, music, and tour.

The movie was a hit with fans and many took to social networks to show their support for the singer.

8. Kristen Stewart - 66% positive, 73,626,329 posts

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart makes up 3% of these conversations. 66% of these posts are positive, which is surprising because dialogue around the actress shot up in July of 2012 when it was made public that she was cheating on her long-term boyfriend with a married man.

The social world doesn’t forgive quickly… a large majority of the 31% of negative content still mentions the affair.

9. Taylor Lautner - 71% positive, 19,579,552 posts

Following behind his co-star, 1% of the conversation around these stars is about Taylor Lautner. But quality proves better than quantity as he is referenced with higher positivity than Kristen, with 71%.

Social conversation around Taylor increases in November of 2012, when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiered. Twilight fans love their vampires and werewolves!

10. Calvin Harris - 89% positive, 15,358,993 posts

While most celebrities on our list are about one or two spots away from their ranking on Forbes’ list, Calvin Harris is the exception. Calvin earns $46 million a year, which puts him fourth on the list. Social conversation around the DJ, songwriter, and singer is lowest, making up 1% of the content.

But, he has the highest amount of positive content, at 89%. Conversation around Calvin shot up in April of 2013, when he and singer Ellie Goulding released the song “I Need Your Love.”

Comparing fame and fortune

After digging deeper into Forbes’ list of top-earning celebrities under 30, we can see that while social conversation is not directly related to a star’s worth, fame and fortune do go hand-in-hand.

You can see both lists below.

Forbes' Top-Earning Stars Under 30 Most Talked About Stars Under 30
Lady Gaga Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Calvin Harris Rihanna
Rihanna Jennifer Lawrence
Katy Perry Adele
Adele Katy Perry
Jennifer Lawrence Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner Calvin Harris



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