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The Top CMOs on Social Media, via Forbes and Infegy

By Rion Martin  •  September 29, 2014

IMAGE BY: Jason Howie

The Top CMOs on Social Media, via Forbes and Infegy

Posted by: Rion Martin on September 29, 2014
Rion Martin
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Earlier this month Infegy and Forbes teamed up to determine who the top 50 most influential CMOs on social media are.

As the article made its rounds, two camps developed: those who felt that it is imperative that CMOs have a presence on social media; and those who felt that it didn’t matter and/or could negatively impact a brand.

The most notable responses can be found below. There were also several other findings that were not included in the original article but provided greater context about those on the list, which are included as well.

The most notable responses to The Top CMOs on Social Media

  1. Who Does @Forbes Say Are the Top 50 Most Influential CMOs in Social Media?- Cheryl Burgess
  2. CMOs Just Aren’t That Social. Question Is, Why? - Catherine P. Taylor
  3. CMOs Just Aren’t That Social — And Who Cares? - Maarten Albarda
  4. Forbes’ ’50 Most Influential CMOs On Social Media’ Shows C-Suite Still Not Embracing Social - Donna Vieira

Full findings of the analysis

  1. 4 out of the top 5 are women.
  2. 44 percent (22 out of the Top 50) are women.
  3. 10 out of 50 of the Top 50 are CMOs at software companies.
  4. Only 9 out of 50 of the Top Social CMOs are from Fortune 50 companies.
  5. For the majority of the top 50 CMOs, company mentions accounted for less than 25% of social conversations about them.

Check out the full original article at Forbes, grab the complete list of The Top 50 CMOs on Social Media, or follow the full list on Twitter using @IanGertler’s list.

Research methodology

This list of social CMOs was aggregated using a multi-tiered selection approach that incorporated results from social media monitoring of self-reported CMOs, social ranking composites from third parties, Google search results, and the inclusion of CMOs from the Fortune 50.

The resulting list contained 173 CMOs from various sized businesses and industries. To determine inclusion in the list of top 50 social CMOs as well as rank, Infegy Atlas was used to return data on the number of retweets plus mentions for each CMO from January 1, 2014 through September 10, 2014.

The team of analysts determined that using the number of mentions plus retweets as the ranking criteria was the best measure of actual engagement.

The reasoning behind this is that simply being mentioned does not carry near the acclaim as having your opinions re-broadcasted to a user’s followers. Furthermore, in a world where follower counts can be gamed and purchased, the number of followers a user has does not necessarily denote influence.

The assembled list includes a broad range of information including the gender of the CMO, company, whether than company was in Fortunes’ Top 50, mentions plus retweets, total mentions, measures of sentiment, company presence within CMO mentions, and the percent of total mentions that came from Twitter.

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