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5 Social Listening Metrics to Inform Your Content Strategy

By Megan Owara  •  September 19, 2017

By now you realize how important content is to your overall marketing strategy.  It’s a huge part of the inbound process and helps to give your brand authority to discuss topics most relevant to you and your audience.

Maybe this is a new initiative or something you’ve been at for years.  Either way, it can sometimes be a challenge to know where to start.  

You know you need a solid strategy and foundation in place to move forward, but how do...

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Topics: content strategy

What's Powering Your Social Listening Platform?

By Megan Owara  •  July 20, 2017

When evaluating your current or a new social listening platform(s) you may not consider the technology powering that platform, but you should.  The platform’s ability to process large amounts of text and output accurate results is paramount to your abilities as a researcher.  While the ins and outs of natural language processing (NLP) aren’t the sexiest parts of your job, it’s important to have an understanding of what’s going on behind the...

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Topics: natural language processing

Using Social Listening Data to Predict the 2017 Oscars

By Megan Owara  •  February 24, 2017

With Hollywood's biggest night of the year finally here, you may be wondering who has the competitive edge going into Sunday night's Academy Awards.  Is there a way to data to predict the Oscars?

Social listening data can be a great way to gather industry and user-generated opinions on Hollywood's biggest award show of the year.  To select our picks, we used the universe post volume and positive sentiment from Infegy Atlas to score each movie,...

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Topics: entertainment, oscars

Infegy Turns 10!

By Megan Owara  •  February 19, 2017

10 years ago today Infegy was officially founded, and began offering social intelligence software clients could use to better understand their ideal consumers. Infegy has been collecting an immense volume data ever since.
Since our first day 10 years ago we've made some big strides in improving our social listening platform, Infegy Atlas. Some fun facts on scaling our system with the immense growth in social data available today include:
  • ...
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Topics: anniversary

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