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Infegy named Best Place to Work for Third Consecutive Year

By Kristin Haynes  •  August 28, 2020

Infegy was once again named a Best Place to Work in Kansas City. The recognition comes from the Kansas City Business Journal as they release their list of 2020 Best Places to Work honorees.


The culture at Infegy is unmatched. We aren’t just an organization but a group of people who have built strong relationships with each other and our stakeholders.


Our retention rate speaks for itself, and our leadership is very aware that regardless if...

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Topics: social media marketing, Kansas City

Year in Review: A look back at our favorite social insights of 2019

By Kristin Haynes  •  January 27, 2020

Welcome to the 2020s! It’s officially the future. 


As we kick off a new year, we’re taking some time to pause and think about our favorite insights from 2019. There’s a lot we accomplished, and a lot of things we’re excited for this year. Our social listening platform is just getting better and better, and that’s something we can hang our hat on in 2020.


For our team at Infegy, this is also a time to look back on the stories we wrote and ...

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Topics: social listening, consumer research, social listening tools, social listening data, social media analytics

How We Use Social Listening Insights to Build Our Reports in 10 Steps

By Kristin Haynes  •  July 10, 2019

One important task for your team is reporting.

Your life might look like a lot of this: 📊📉📈

Whether it’s conducting market research, tracking campaigns, researching audience segments, analyzing brand health, improving products or other types of data-driven analysis, building reports is time consuming, challenging and not always fool-proof.

How do you get the best data on your research topic, and how do you get that data into a beautiful...

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