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The Content Question for Social Media Intelligence: What, When, and Why?

By Jordan Hanson  •  July 8, 2015

As any marketing professional will sympathize, it can be difficult to convince people what you’re saying is true before they have the opportunity to see it for themselves.

The amazing part about creating content as a copywriter is that I get to work in a variety of different areas, representing more than one perspective of what we do here at Infegy. When I told my mother I took a job as a copywriter, she asked me what that really meant.

I told...

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Why Vacation Matters: The Problem with PTO in America

By Jordan Hanson  •  June 1, 2015

“Vacation really matters,” I thought, standing at the frontmost part of the ship despite the labels warning the large antenna above might start spinning at any moment. A more open, vacation-encouraging work environment affected such a dramatic change in the quality of my work life.

Recently, Infegy took its first company-wide vacation. A seven-day break from all things work-related, we enjoyed the opportunity to bond and relax far, far away...

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Amazingly "Uber": Why Mobile Data is Critical to Business

By Jordan Hanson  •  May 19, 2015

Pioneered by companies like Uber and Lyft, the rise of the ride-sharing industry has been both meteoric, lucrative, and driven by an intense focus on the mobile experience.

Using primarily a data-driven approach and my own experience as a guide, this post examines who has driven the explosive growth in ride-sharing, why they became evangelists for the service, and their opinions about the mobile experience.

“Mobile Experience” is Everywhere

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