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Xbox-Only Halo 5 Guardians Buoys Microsoft's Holiday Hopes

By Jordan Hanson  •  November 18, 2015

Exclusive game releases are exceptionally valuable marketing tools for console gaming companies, especially when brands are able to build significant levels of anticipation. Microsoft’s Halo franchise has been particularly adept at this in the past, but can the upcoming fifth release continue that momentum?

How are gamers responding to the newest franchise release? In this post, we’ll examine social media data from people who identify...

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Nickelodeon's 90s: Why Can’t We Watch Cartoons Online?

By Jordan Hanson  •  November 4, 2015

“Nick, nick nick nick, nick nick, nick nick. Nickelodeon.” The theme songs from my childhood are still so clear in my mind I can recognize my favorite shows seconds after they start.

The same is likely true for many millennial TV viewers now maturing into higher buying power, and therefore the center of many marketers’ crosshairs. If I could watch cartoons online, I would never get anything done. Now that's captive audience advertising.


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Struggling with Brand Loyalty? Protect Your User Data

By Jordan Hanson  •  October 16, 2015

User data breaches seem to happen with more and more frequency. An unfortunate fact of digital living is the ongoing erosion of user data security. According to Farai Chideya at FiveThirtyEight, the growth in modern data breaches may be due in part to security tools never suited to the way they are currently used.

Social security numbers, for example, were never intended to function as both identification and authentication. While most users...

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Facebook’s 61 Million User Big Data Voting Experiment

By Jordan Hanson  •  September 24, 2015

Since 2008, Facebook has made several attempts to tie user engagement to political activity. As a social experiment, Facebook created a sticker that allowed most of its users to declare “I Voted” on their profiles.

Although this experiment ran during the 2010 midterm election, the data they released seems to suggest it was effective.

People who saw the button were more likely to vote and be more vocal about their voting behavior if they saw...

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The Pumpkin Spice Latte: A Flavor in Decline?

By Jordan Hanson  •  August 26, 2015

The pumpkin-flavored hype-machine is revving itself into life again, as articles have started to appear everywhere detailing Starbucks’ planned changes to everyone’s favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte.

In response to last year’s detailed criticism of transparency in the ingredients for the traditionally-loved pumpkin drink, Starbucks has announced their intention to change the recipe to include real pumpkin, instead of pumpkin flavoring.

Keeping with...

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Using Big Data + Text Analytics to Create a Better News Feed

By Jordan Hanson  •  August 18, 2015

With millions of places online to get your news and the rise of the 24/7 content generation machine, keeping up-to-date about what topics are actually trending at any given moment is extremely difficult.

Sources like CNN.com and Foxnews.com are biased, fully self-interested and only report on what they deem newsworthy and likely to keep you on their sites. Reddit, on the other hand, is a community driven site that was previously useful for news...

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The Content Question for Social Media Intelligence: What, When, and Why?

By Jordan Hanson  •  July 8, 2015

As any marketing professional will sympathize, it can be difficult to convince people what you’re saying is true before they have the opportunity to see it for themselves.

The amazing part about creating content as a copywriter is that I get to work in a variety of different areas, representing more than one perspective of what we do here at Infegy. When I told my mother I took a job as a copywriter, she asked me what that really meant.

I told...

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Why Vacation Matters: The Problem with PTO in America

By Jordan Hanson  •  June 1, 2015

“Vacation really matters,” I thought, standing at the frontmost part of the ship despite the labels warning the large antenna above might start spinning at any moment. A more open, vacation-encouraging work environment affected such a dramatic change in the quality of my work life.

Recently, Infegy took its first company-wide vacation. A seven-day break from all things work-related, we enjoyed the opportunity to bond and relax far, far away...

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Amazingly "Uber": Why Mobile Data is Critical to Business

By Jordan Hanson  •  May 19, 2015

Pioneered by companies like Uber and Lyft, the rise of the ride-sharing industry has been both meteoric, lucrative, and driven by an intense focus on the mobile experience.

Using primarily a data-driven approach and my own experience as a guide, this post examines who has driven the explosive growth in ride-sharing, why they became evangelists for the service, and their opinions about the mobile experience.

“Mobile Experience” is Everywhere

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