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What Gamers Think of the Top Pizza Delivery Chains

By Tiffany Tran  •  September 9, 2015

What Gamers Think of the Top Pizza Delivery Chains

Posted by: Tiffany Tran on September 9, 2015

Fun fact: Did you know people talk online about pizza four times more often than tacos and burgers?

Pizza better than tacos and burgers

According to Statista, consumers spend around $33 billion U.S. dollars annually in quick service pizza restaurants and nearly $25 billion of that total is spent on pizza takeout or delivery.

For scale, Fortune reported that in just 2013, people spent $13.7 billion on ice cream, an amount which doesn’t even come close to trumping how much money people spend on pizza.

Pizza better than ice cream

The state of the pizza industry

Competition within the delivery pizza industry is fierce. Top chains are constantly battling one another to stay relevant, fresh and original. One thing that keeps the pizza industry so alive though, especially the delivery pizza chains, is their strive to be more innovative.

Whether innovation goes towards their menus, delivery experience, or marketing tactics, you can bet these quick service pizza chains are on the move.

Pizza Hut Papa Johns Dominos

Focusing on new target audiences

In 2013, Pizza Hut introduced a new way for consumers to order pizza through an application on the Xbox. In just four short months, gamers ordered $1 million dollarsworth of pizza.

Domino’s in turn, quickly put gamers on its radar in 2014 and followed suit by allowing them to order pizza via Xbox as well. The initiatives of the two big chains targeting gamers was a bold and interesting move away from the traditional focus on parents.


#PizzaLover. For the win.
Order Pizza through Xbox

Measuring the success of Gamer focused campaigns

While revenue is one way to see whether or not focusing on the gaming segment is paying off, it does not give brands a consistent way to track how their targeted segments feel about their product / service.

By leveraging social media data and focusing on gaming audiences, brands and supporting agencies are able to see how these unique audiences are reacting.

Comparing gamers to parents

In our report, Using Audience Analysis to Understand the Delivery Pizza Preferences of Gamers, we use social data to gain deeper context on what motivates gamers in their choice of brands and the how their opinions deviate from the general population.

This report provides an overview of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s Pizza. Highlights include:

  • How the interests of gamers and parents differ from the general population
  • What aspects of service matter to gamers
  • How household income levels affect the perceptions gamers hold of pizza brands
  • What marketing tactics resonate strongest with gamers

You can download the report, for free, in the section below.

Link to Gamer's and Pizza Report


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