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An All New Infegy Atlas is Live

By Justin Graves  •  October 30, 2017

Here’s everything you need to know about a easier, faster, better Infegy Atlas

An All New Infegy Atlas is Live

Posted by: Justin Graves on October 30, 2017

justin-graves.pngJustin Graves, CEO at Infegy


This calls for a celebration. We’re making some pretty big changes to the Infegy Atlas experience that you need to check out.

With this major update to our social listening platform, which enables marketers, analysts, consultants, and strategists to discover and collect need-to-know insights about audiences, consumers, and competitors, you’ll find some pretty snazzy new bells and whistles.

The latest version of Infegy Atlas is a realization of our ambition to make you and your team’s lives easier.

These enhancements shorten the learning curve required to get up and running with Atlas, allowing more people to get onboarded and ready-to-rock quicker and with better results. These capabilities are driven from new machine learning and AI technologies that do the heavy lifting for the user.

Alright, enough with the technobabble. Here’s a complete overview of the exciting new updates and how to use them:

What’s New?

We’ve always been about flexibility and saving you time. It’s been a top focus of ours to make the far reaching and deeply intuitive consumer research tool easier to use. Until now, however, complicated search system technologies have left open the potential for some headaches.

The latest iteration of Infegy Atlas sets out to alleviate some of those pains.

The social listening tool features a new, more flexible set of search filters and delivers more precise data, helping teams across many departments and organizations research and understand audiences and consumers better.

We’ve added to the list of tools and capabilities of the platform for more robust metrics and audience research and better displays.

The new features of Infegy Atlas include:

  • All-in-One Query builder - Easily create search queries with no boolean knowledge required
  • New Filters - Search by actual brand or product with flexible, easy-to-use filters
  • Image search - Search by content of images, with most requested brands and logos coming soon
  • In-app search editor - Edit and refine your search query without leaving the results area
  • Entity search - Search for companies, brands, products, people and more simply by name, even if that name is ambiguous
  • Category search - Search by specific topics and categories, such as “Shopping,” “health and fitness” or “automotive”
  • New data displays - View information in more ways, with additional chart and display options
  • In-app help - Guidance throughout Atlas helping new users understand what the data means

Below you’ll find a more in-depth look at all the new features and some visual examples.

Get a personalized demo of our updated social listening tool here.

New Atlas Features

We have some exciting new additions to the platform, from updated functions to new tools entirely. Here’s a breakdown for everything new within Infegy Atlas. Enjoy: 

Simplified Query Builder

An industry-wide gripe with consumer research tools is the complicated boolean searching and complex filters that take a while to get the hang of and make research tedious and time consuming.

So, let’s fix that.

Now you can search easier in our new, simpler “Query Builder”. We're the first in the category of social listening tools to offer something like this. Here you can craft your search queries without Boolean language. Instead, fill the following boxes with the terms you want to include or not include within your search:

“All of these” - typing your terms here means everything you enter will be included in your results.

“At least one of these” - the results will include at least one of the terms you enter here, but not all.

“None of these” - This will eliminate any of the submitted words or phrases from the results. Enter terms here you don’t want to be included in your results.

 Atlas New Query Builder (with Entities).gif

New Search Filters

The updated platform takes some of the guesswork out of your searches. You can now search by specific terms like entities, companies, people and products. In the example above, you'll see our search included some food brands. You can also search by category, such as “health and fitness” or “Food and Beverage.” This will save you time on your marketing strategies and consumer research.

Image Search

We’re introducing a new way to find and discover visual content online through image search. This exciting new feature gives you the ability to search by images. Say you represent a food and beverage brand and you want to find audience content with images of cheeseburgers. Just search “cheeseburger” in the image search and boom, you’ll get results with images of cheeseburgers.

Image Search Cheeseburger.gif

All new Results Summary Page with “Persona Overview”

We’ve refreshed the “Overview” summary page, which is the first tab the results take you to once you run your query. Now you get a deeper, more detailed overview of the people and audiences you’re searching for with a glimpse at demographics, sentiment, top entities, volume, audience interests and recent social media posts and stories all on the front page. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.38.14 AM.png

New Data Displays

We’ve upgraded some of the results graphics and displays to make them more detailed and easier to analyze. Now you can view information in more ways, with additional chart and display options.


In-App Search Editor

One of the most requested features is to be able to continue editing the search query within the search results pages. You asked, we listened. Now, you don’t have to backtrack to the query builder if you don’t want to, just edit it right there within the results page.

Updated Linguistic Themes View

You now have an upgraded Linguistic Themes Views, which gives you the ability to combine or compare themes across multiple search queries in addition to viewing as a stream, arc or list chart. This makes it easier to digest the results and understand the audiences within your market research.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.33.34 AM.png

In-App Help

Get helpful info provided within the Atlas platform as you’re using it. This will guide you through the results you’re viewing and help you understand what it is you’re looking at and how it can help your marketing strategy. And of course, we still have that best-in-class support team available a couple of clicks away.

Don’t worry, the Old Infegy Search System Is Still There

If you’ve become an Infegy Atlas maestro and don’t want the experience you’re most comfortable with to disappear, you’re in luck. It’s not going anywhere. Just click the “Advanced” query builder and you’re good to go.

Give it a go

We think you’re going to love the new Infegy Atlas as much as we do. See for yourself. Get logged in and give it a go. Haven’t tried Infegy Atlas yet and want to learn more? Our team is standing by to give you a personalized demo today. Sign up here.


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