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Welcome to Infegy: Q&A With Ali Nilsen

By Derek Franks  •  April 27, 2018

Ali Nilsen, customer success specialist  is our newest team member here at Infegy

Welcome to Infegy: Q&A With Ali Nilsen

Posted by: Derek Franks on April 27, 2018

We’re growing at Infegy. With that growth comes adding a bevy of new talent and skillsets that, along with some unique and fun personalities, make this is an exciting time for our team.

Being a technology driven business, who builds a tool run by artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s important to us that you get to see the human side of things. After all, we are a business by, for and about people.

So, we thought we’d share with you our newest smiling face around the office -- meet Ali Nilsen.

She’s our brand new client support specialist and she’s here to give our clients (and you) the lowdown on using social listening tools and best practices while also showing you the ropes to successful social listening for your business.

So, you may get to hop on the phone with Ali. Before you do, let her introduce herself to you in her own words with this little Q&A.

Welcome aboard, Ali!

Welcome Ali TITLE

Briefly describe your new role with Infegy:

I am joining the Client Services team as the new Client Success Specialist! I will be here to learn and guide our clients on everything there is to know about our platforms, Infegy Atlas and Canvas. I'll help train all new clients and serve as a go-to person for support questions. I'll also anticipate clients' issues and be able to come up with ways to solve them by keeping a stellar relationship between us.

Tell us a little more about your background. 

I grew up in Kansas City and left to study at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln for school. There I focused on Psychology and Business and, once I completed my degree, found a career within the Human Resources field. My most recent position was with Lincoln Industries in Lincoln, NE where I led the technical recruiting efforts and training for all new people.

I'm excited to be back in my hometown making a transition into this field and for all the opportunities at Infegy!

What excites you about the company and opportunity?

I love that Infegy has created a culture that's inviting of all people. It's not a hierarchical structure and it encourages collaboration. This opportunity gives me a chance to work with a wide range of businesses and different types of people to understand how they think when using our platform. I'm thrilled to work with my new team and learn from people who have worked with Atlas and Canvas for years.

What vision do you have for your new role?

As a support specialist, I envision being the person no one knew they needed who will fix the problem before they even knew that had one. I want people to feel comfortable coming to me with questions they think might be stupid (but of course, aren't!) or just reaching out to say hello. Creating and maintaining relationships is what I am very passionate about and I am excited to do that here.

Do you have a career idol or mentor?

I definitely have people who influence me every day! I had a boss at a previous company in Kansas City that I still go to for questions, issues, etc. She builds great relationships and has a lot of fun, but also holds her people to a high expectation. I also really look up to my parents - my dad is an entrepreneur and my mom has a successful career in sales and since I was young they've taught me that no matter how great you are at your job, what people will remember is how you treat them and others and that's what matters.


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

This is just about life in general and it comes from a poem written by Maya Angelou:

"If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway."

I think this can transition into career, leadership, and motivation as well.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I absolutely love to travel! Planning domestic and international trips with my family and friends is what I look forward to all the time. I also love to cook - if someone tells me they like my food it's the best compliment I can get - and create opportunities for people to get together and have some fun.


Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?

I went to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji when I was young and that was an experience of a lifetime. I also have family in Norway that I've visited a couple of times. That is a beautiful country. I most recently visited Iceland and fell in love. I would not be opposed to living there!


Where might you go for your company sponsored trip?

Vietnam, Japan, and Thailand in one trip would be so much fun and I am just dreaming of all of the wonderful food there. But also going to a Formula1 race in Monaco would be a dream. My list could go on and on... and on :)


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