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5 quick and easy social media fixes to make today

By Derek Franks  •  August 22, 2017

Add these tactics to your social media marketing to reach more customers

5 quick and easy social media fixes to make today

Posted by: Derek Franks on August 22, 2017

Social media and other content marketing are a long game. It’s a drawn out process that takes tons of time and patience. The payoff is big, but it’s not in any means fast.

However, while you’re waiting for “eventually” to one day arrive, you’ll want to get into a routine of optimizing and improving your daily social media marketing habits. If you’ve been working on your social content, just getting started or have suddenly hit a plateau, we’ve got the remedy for you.

You can make some quick fixes to improve things right now to better set yourself up for the long-term. Ready to make some easy changes? Here are 5 easy social media fixes to apply to your content before the day’s end:

Step up your imagery game

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. It doesn’t come as a surprise to most social professionals that content with visuals performs infinitely better than text alone. However, what get’s left out often is the quality of the content.

Now, we get it. Not everyone has the talent to create top-tier visuals. Not everyone has a budget to hire the best graphic designers and photographers or expensive equipment.

So, what to do? In social, we get scrappy with it.

First, utilize some of the best 100% free stock photography sites that offer great photos for no cost, such as Pixabay.

Next, research other resources and how-tos to learn how to perform photoshoots with scant experience and materials. Free graphical sites like Canva offer great tools to create infographics and other quality illustrative content. As the future of social is video, your team can make professional looking videos with no more than an iPhone and a free movie making app, because 2017.

You can make small budgets go far and make great strides on social by pushing your team to go the extra mile in the visuals department.

Adjust your posting frequency

It’s a good practice to audit your social presence and look to see if there are tactical changes to make. One of these is the cadence in which your social content is published.

A great example where this paid off is from social publishing platform Buffer, who realized that with their own content they had a frequency issue: they were posting to Facebook way too often. It took some experimentation to make an appropriate adjustment, but they found that decreasing the number of posts to Facebook each week dramatically improved their results.

Their social team was posting to Facebook multiple times per day. When they decreased to 1-2 times max per day, they saw a 3X increase in engagement and reach on their channels. Wow!

The lesson here is to analyze tactics such as posting frequency, experiment with different solutions, document the data, identify and implement a change.

Use hashtags right

One of the key tools to finding and discovering audiences and important topics for your brand is the trusty ole hashtag.

Hashtags are not just useful for your posts, they’re essential elements to the audience discovery process. Documenting the data behind hashtagged topics relevant to your business, you can identify better strategies for your content.

When it comes to posting on specific channels, you should absolutely optimize. Co-Schedule has an awesome social post optimizer you to edit your content by channel. Here’s their recommendation for posts on each network:

Facebook- none

Facebook’s hashtagging capabilities are useful for research, but unless you have a branded hashtag for a specific purpose like a hashtag campaign or contest, go without it.

Twitter- 2

A ton of hashtags is a ploy used often but the quality of traffic it generates goes down the more that are used. Plus, they look spammy. Keep it at 2 very relevant hashtags so audiences you’re trying to reach can find your post.

LinkedIn- 0-2

LinkedIn isn’t known as a place for hashes. But every once in awhile, include a hashtag on your post. Proceed with caution and monitor performance. The network has improved its hashtag effectiveness with its latest update.

Instagram- varies

If you’re just starting out with IG, the recommendation is to max out here often. The limit the channel allows is 30. It will increase the content performance and page discovery. As you grow your page, you should lower the hashtags so that the quality of audience increases. Once you have a decent following, between 5-10 should work well. Once you’re a major brand with a hundreds of thousands of followers, limit to one or two per post.

Use the best metrics

It’s key to analyze your performance on social channels, document the data and create regular reports showing the metrics to your team. This will help you identify important trends and observe what was successful and what wasn’t.

We put together a neat little guide to utilizing the best social metrics which you can find here.

Start using social media tools

To be a top-notch social marketer, you’ll need a toolkit.

Social publishing tools like the previously mentioned Buffer or Hootsuite can save you valuable time by helping schedule automated posts into the future. Both offer free and business packages, so you can get started on a basic plan ASAP.

To become a social media power user, your team needs to learn everything they can about your target audience and potential customers. Social listening and monitoring tools, such as Infegy Atlas, can help elevate your brand’s social marketing efforts to the upper echelon.

Other types of tools to consider:

In Closing

Patience is a virtue when it comes to social marketing. Tasting the fruits of your labor won’t happen quickly.

However, there is a daily regimen for social media marketers as they’re working towards that goal: always be improving, optimizing and learning. As the fast paced social landscape evolves daily, it’s up to you to evolve your marketing and learn new tactics and strategies.

There’s no fix-all solution to the challenges that await. But these 5 easy changes can be made today to get you started in the right direction.

What improvements and updates have you made to your social content strategy that have given you a quick boost?


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