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3 Revealing Industry Insights Using Social Listening Data

By Derek Franks  •  November 27, 2017

These 3 consumer intel reports using social listening data showcase insights for brands in the Travel, Beer and QSR industries

3 Revealing Industry Insights Using Social Listening Data

Posted by: Derek Franks on November 27, 2017

The remarkable thing about marketing technology and social intelligence is the far-reaching access to data that can be applied to so many aspects of business, marketing and advertising strategies.


There are tons of different and innovative ways to utilize consumer insights that brands and businesses need to take advantage of and are likely missing out on.


Social and digital marketing strategy teams are huge benefactors of social media tools like listening platforms, but there are also so many business decisions to be made and questions to be answered thanks to these technologies that you might not have considered.

Machine learning and natural language processing technology that scours the entire internet can help brands discover real, accurate, fast and flexible intel on their consumers, online audiences, buyers, advocates, influencers and even competitors.

We love the daily surprises and awesome new discoveries that marketing intelligence provide because, like you, we’re both highly curious and also deeply invested in getting a better understanding of people. And people are complicated.

Let’s figure out this puzzle together.

We’ve recently tackled some intriguing online research projects to get a 360-view of audiences and consumers in specific industries. Our 3 most recent industry reports reveal some remarkable insights that it would be imperative for brands and marketers to get the inside scoop on.

Here are 3 key insights social listening data says about the QSR, Beer and Travel industries: 

3 Revealing Social LISTENING Insights from the Travel, QSR & Beer Industries TITLE.png


1) Fast-Food Customers Crave Special Deals and Limited Time Offers

There’s nothing more enticing to fast-food customers than the limited time offers, which provide the power punch of both 1) getting people to the restaurant and 2) making them feel like they need to now before it’s too late.

These promotional offers galvanize loyal fans to buy even more frequently while garnering attention and intrigue from the general public.

According our social listening tools' data, McDonald’s customers express highest anticipation each year during ‘Shamrock Shake’ season, while Sonic Drive-In fans are most passionate about ‘Sonic Happy Hour’, which, in the last 6 months, is the most discussed topic centered around the brand.

The most successful limited time offers are the ones that consistently generate buzz and occur at a similar time, like Shamrock Shakes in March. The higher the anticipation metrics, the more positive sentiment there is around that offer.

Brands in this category can utilize further consumer research from social listening data to determine which products, deals and special events resonate with their fan bases the most and better measure performance of new offers.

If Taco Bell promoted a new deep-fried burrito product, but sales were less than expected, it could mean people didn’t like it, but it could also have to do with other factors such as price, diet, or ingredients. Tune into the billions of unsolicited online conversations to measure performance and document the data to help improve your offers and deals.

Which QSR restaurant’s potential product pairing would get the most ecstatic reaction from consumers? Find out in our report.

Download the free Social Listening QSR industry report here:

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2) The Fastest Growing Beer Brands Resonate with Millennials

Can social media data help brands predict sales?

According to social listening insights, the beer brands with the highest share of voice and conversational universe count outsold their competitors.

As it turns out, beer drinkers like to express their affinity for the beer brands they enjoy. Makes sense if you’ve ever heard a beer hipster discussing the flavor profile of an IPA made with cascade hops and a high IBU (yours truly, guilty as charged). People love to talk about the brewskies they enjoy-- even standard macro-brews like Bud Light and Miller Lite.

One of the most telling insights from our research is that the fastest growing brewing brands are the ones that resonate the most with millennials. While micro-brews appear to be all the rage in the younger adults demographic, the bigger beer brands that are talked about heavily and positively by this group are driving serious brand growth.

Beer makers can drive growth regardless of size if they can connect with younger audiences.

What do the typical buyer personas look like for each major beer brand? Crack open the report to find out.

Download the free Social Listening Beer industry report here:

Social Listening Data For the Beer Industry


3) Passengers and seats are the most negative topics for all 4 major airlines

Big shocker here! People gripe about their seats and ticketing issues. And anyone who’s ever sat next to someone who took off both shoes and socks during a long flight can relate.

According to our research, all 4 major airlines have the same issue: the biggest negative topic related to them is seat booking and annoying or excessively fragrant passengers.

This creates an interesting challenge and opportunity for airlines, booking sites and other travel-related brands. Which company will act upon these negative drivers and then make something cool out of it?

One such type of company could be booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz, which our travel report covers extensively, as they look to capture more customers for flight and hotel booking. Knowing the biggest complaints and also the topics that receive the most praise from passengers, can help them relate to their audience and even help them create content and campaigns that lead people to choose them.

Which booking site attracts more affluent buyers? Which airline has the highest brand favorability? Find out by downloading our report. Take it with you for reading material on your next flight (or during your next flight delay).

Download the free Social Listening Travel industry report Here:

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There are all kinds of ways to apply the social listening data to your brand or business. It can be used to answer many questions about your marketing and advertising strategy. By gaining a retrospective view of the audiences and consumers everywhere, you can put your brand in position to win out against the competition and capitalize on new opportunities. 


Want a free, personalized demo with a member of our team? Go here.

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