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Social Media Showdown, KC Royals vs SF Giants World Series 2014

By Rion Martin  •  October 29, 2014

Social Media Showdown, KC Royals vs SF Giants World Series 2014

Posted by: Rion Martin on October 29, 2014
Rion Martin
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This World Series was a nail biter. From close games to shutouts, amazing catches and most of all, astonishing pitches, fans had a lot to cheer (and jeer) about.

Just as the games played out across airwaves all across the nation, and even the world, fans were having a showdown of their own on social media. So, who had the best fans?

Grab the infographic (to the right), read on for the play-by-play, or check out our coverage with CMSWire.


2014 world series infographic

Loudest fanbase on social media

The Royals were the clear winner of social media support with just over 2 million team mentions and related hashtags. The Giants generated around 1.4 team mentions and related hashtags.



2014 world series conversation volume











The Royals were the clear winner of social media support with just over 2 million team mentions and related hashtags.

As might be expected, mentions of each team spiked significantly every time that team won. This generally carries over behavior we recognized during the presidential elections where supporters of the winners more often take to social media, while supporters of the losers taper off in social media support after a loss.

Biggest fan turnout for a single game

The Royals also saw greater support per percentage of the population than the Giants. At peak conversation volume for the Royals, which occurred on October 28th, there were an estimated 87k fans talking on social media using #TakeTheCrown.

2014 world series hashtag analysis

At peak conversation volume for the Royals … there were an estimated 87k fans talking on social media using #TakeTheCrown.

At peak conversation volume for the Giants, which occurred on October 29th, there were an estimated 40k fans talking on social media directly mentioning the team. That’s 18% of the population for Kansas City, and 4% for San Francisco.

The fans that kept the faith

2014 world series confidence in royals

Confidence in the Royals was at an all time high on October 28th with 8.2% of all conversations expressing their faith in the team. At the same time confidence in the Giants on October 28th failed to take a downturn, appearing at a constant 5% from game 5 through game 6. From this it appeared that fans were still very confident the Giants would come out victorious.

…confidence in the Giants … failed to take a downturn [after the defeat in game 6]

However, throughout the game confidence in the Royals quickly declined to 3%, while confidence in the Giants jumped slightly from 5% to 6% of all mentions.

Most female fan support

We’ve been seeing more and more fan support from women on social media in the past few years. During the World Series there were definitely more female Giants fans cheering on their team than there were female Royals fans doing the same.

2014 world series gender distribution

Most memorable sponsor

Chevrelot inadvertently became the most memorable brand during the MVP presentation when a visibly nervous regional zone manager, Rikk Wilde, presented the MVP with a Chevrolet truck that he described as having, “class leading, and winning, technology and stuff.”


Fiercest rallying cry

The most used hashtag was #TakeTheCrown with a total of 300k; the highest surge was to 100k on October 28th and resulted from the huge win in Game 6 for the Royals.

The second most used was #OctoberTogether with a total of 225k, the highest surge was to 53k on October 21 and resulted from the Game 1 triumph of the Giants over the Royals.

A few of the World Series’ peak moments on social:

  • October 21st, the World Series begins & Lorde’s hit song ‘Royals’ surface because San Francisco’s radio stations ban single prior to the World Series.
  • October 22nd, Royals score their first run in a World Series game in 30 years & fans want to kick FOX commentators to the curb, especially Joe Buck.
  • October 27th, Madison Bumgarner shuts down the Kansas City Royals & news of rising MLB star, Oscar Taveras, tragically dies in a car accident comes to light on social.
  • October 28th, Royals force game 7 in World Series & a moment of silence was shared before game 6 to honor Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras’ recent passing.
  • October 29th, Giants take the crown & conversations of Joe Maddon becoming Cubs manager, overshadows game 7 of the World Series & fans are not amused (33% positivity).

Since the start of the World Series, the most used hashtags:

  • #royals 681K (75% positivity)
  • #takethecrown 300K (87% positivity)
  • #beroyal 37K (86% positivity)
  • #sfgiants 948K (72% positivity)
  • #octobertogether 225K (79% positivity)
  • #orangeoctober 77K (83% positivity)

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