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5 Ways Social Listening is Transforming the Marketing Strategist Role

By Derek Franks  •  October 23, 2017

Marketing strategists have a big role. Not only in scope and bandwidth, but also in business impact.


It’s their research, analysis, and data-driven idea creation that can help lead teams to the marketing strategies that drive brand growth and help companies connect with new customers.


Having worked on teams with some great strategists, I’ve experienced first hand the challenges faced and opportunities created by strategists.  I’m all in on...

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Topics: social listening, marketing strategy, audience segment, social media strategy

5 Social Media Tools Every Marketer Should be Using

By Derek Franks  •  October 16, 2017

One of the most searched marketing-related terms on Google is “social media tools.”

Marketers realize that social media is extremely important. More than that, they are recognizing that simply posting on social media and then forgetting about it does not work. They need to tap the many resources that can help them as part of an integrated, long-term digital marketing strategy.

It’s important to develop a strategy behind your content. It’s also...

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Topics: social media, social media tools, social media marketing

How to Use Consumer Research Data for your Marketing Strategy

By Derek Franks  •  October 9, 2017

Numbers never lie. I like to use this phrase a lot when working with teams on marketing strategies. Regardless of what your objectives are within your marketing strategy, you need that strategy to be data-driven.


The quickest way to failure for advertisers and marketers is to carry on without data, performance measurement and benchmarks to guide your team. I’d argue that the most essential data is that about your customers, prospects, online...

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Topics: social media, social listening, consumer research, market research

5 Ways Social Listening is Transforming the Marketing Process

By Derek Franks  •  October 2, 2017

The iconic TV sitcom character, Frasier, began each call-in to his psychology radio show with the phrase, “I’m listening.”

A psychologist’s role is to listen intently, to learn everything they can about their patients and what their concerns, fears and needs are, then turn that knowledge into something useful.

Marketers need to embrace their inner psychologist. Social listening provides that opportunity.

It’s no secret that people live so...

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The Top 3 Reasons You Need A Social Listening Tool

By Derek Franks  •  September 25, 2017

The world’s top brands know how to navigate a changing landscape. Companies like Nike, Amazon, Airbnb, Patagonia, and Apple, recognize what drives consumer behavior and work hard to gain an understanding of who their customers, fans, followers and loyalists are.


They don’t just make great products and services, they harness the power of listening and engaging real people at a personal level. They have mastered the art of assembling a...

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5 Social Listening Metrics to Inform Your Content Strategy

By Megan Owara  •  September 19, 2017

By now you realize how important content is to your overall marketing strategy.  It’s a huge part of the inbound process and helps to give your brand authority to discuss topics most relevant to you and your audience.

Maybe this is a new initiative or something you’ve been at for years.  Either way, it can sometimes be a challenge to know where to start.  

You know you need a solid strategy and foundation in place to move forward, but how do...

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Topics: content strategy

Improve Your Targeted Marketing with Better Demographics Data

By Derek Franks  •  September 11, 2017

The digital world is a whirlwind place. Marketers and advertisers know this all too well.

With 211 million pieces of content being made every minute, how do you even begin to know who your customers are, where they are or what they’re up to? It’s like putting a net up into a tornado and hoping to catch a butterfly. So, are you ready to catch the elusive information that will help your team’s marketing strategy?

It’s easy to get lost in the...

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3 Innovative Ways to Create Better Buyer Personas

By Derek Franks  •  September 5, 2017

Buyer personas. The most important insights into your customer base live in these fictional, but accurate representations of your target buyers. Whether you’re a big enterprise brand or a bootstrapped startup, you need to have documented profiles of the types of customers you are trying to reach.

So, you’ve got that down. Now, you want to do it better. You’re in luck. Thanks to high-tech resources and innovations, we have tools in place to...

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5 quick and easy social media fixes to make today

By Derek Franks  •  August 22, 2017

Social media and other content marketing are a long game. It’s a drawn out process that takes tons of time and patience. The payoff is big, but it’s not in any means fast.

However, while you’re waiting for “eventually” to one day arrive, you’ll want to get into a routine of optimizing and improving your daily social media marketing habits. If you’ve been working on your social content, just getting started or have suddenly hit a plateau, we’ve...

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5 Things to Remember When Analyzing Competitors

By Derek Franks  •  August 14, 2017

Competition in your market is fierce. We know because that’s how it is in virtually all markets. You’re surely working hard to outwit and outsell your competitors in the field.


One strategy is to research, discover and observe all the nitty gritty details you can dig up on those competitors in order to craft a document called a competitive analysis.


What’s key when creating-- and updating-- your competitor analysis, is that it’s aligned...

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Audience Analysis: Lyft Teams Up with Taco Bell for ‘Taco Mode’

By Derek Franks  •  August 4, 2017

On July 25, the leading fast food taco joint announced its partnership with the ride sharing app famous for the pink mustaches. The new service, called “Taco Mode”, allows Lyft riders to make a detour to the nearest Taco Bell to get their Cheesy Gordita Crunch action on during their ride.

The move is aimed, presumably, at the bar scene crowd looking to satisfy their late night cravings on their way home.

It’s an ingenious idea from a marketing...

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Topics: social media listening

The Best Social Media Marketers Do More Listening Than Talking

By Derek Franks  •  July 31, 2017

Some of the best people you know are the ones who are good listeners. They lend you a sincere ear and make the effort to take in what you have to say then empathetically process it for the purpose of helping you the best they can.

Is there someone in your life that you know like this? A parent? Your best friend? Your spouse or significant other?

We can all agree that being genuine and open in a conversation makes you good company. But what about...

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What's Powering Your Social Listening Platform?

By Megan Owara  •  July 20, 2017

When evaluating your current or a new social listening platform(s) you may not consider the technology powering that platform, but you should.  The platform’s ability to process large amounts of text and output accurate results is paramount to your abilities as a researcher.  While the ins and outs of natural language processing (NLP) aren’t the sexiest parts of your job, it’s important to have an understanding of what’s going on behind the...

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Topics: natural language processing

25 Questions Social Media Listening Can Help Answer

By Derek Franks  •  July 11, 2017

It’s not everyday you discover the power to read minds. But, today is that day.

If you’re like us, your innate curiosity leads you to constantly be asking questions and skeptical at every turn. The business realm of sales, marketing and advertising really is a science.

Want to know what your customers really are thinking? This isn’t science fiction!

Luckily for us, there’s a whole universe of online conversation for you to explore.  Get to know...

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7 Social Media Metrics Your Boss Needs to Know

By Derek Franks  •  July 5, 2017

When’s the last time you WOW’d your boss? Too long, right?

We’ve all been there. If you’re in digital or social media marketing and your brand or business is ready to take off and reach the next level, you’ll need to be armed with the power of social media metrics.

Here’s your opportunity to really show the impact of your marketing efforts.  Don’t just be on social media.  Become a social media power user.  One way to do this is by leveraging...

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4 Innovative Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media Data to Their Advantage

By Derek Franks  •  June 26, 2017

Many eons ago-- so like, 2014-- social media got a really bad wrap in many business offices. It was seen as an immature place filled only with selfies, socializing and other shenanigans.

Today, more and more businesses are recognizing the necessity of adopting social media as a major marketing channel. Sure enough, brands have come around on Facebook and Twitter. These channels aren’t just for play. They offer real, concrete business impact.


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Topics: social media data, social media listening

From 4th of July to #FrenchFryDay: Your July Social Media Holidays Primer

By Derek Franks  •  June 20, 2017

We’re splashing into summer! You might be so over summer cliches, but your customers surely aren’t. As we’ve celebrated the first official day of summer, there are many events and holidays coming up in July that you can use in your marketing strategy.

So, while you’re getting that suitcase packed with flip flops and upping your summer-themed emoji game 🏖, you can also leverage social media events and moments for your brand’s marketing strategy.

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5 Ways to Build Better Connections with Customers in the Digital Age

By Derek Franks  •  June 15, 2017

Don Draper had a spectacular way of presenting amazing new creative ideas for brands’ big ad campaigns. The many “Mad Men” who inspired that character knew how to develop messages that truly resonated with people. At the height of the golden age of advertising, brand messaging literally drove consumer behavior.

Today, we can feel inspired by such remarkable creativity. But the internet has turned the advertising world on its head. We’ve done a...

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Topics: advertising, marketing, social media, customer relationships

7 easy ways to build better connections on social media

By Derek Franks  •  June 8, 2017


Conversations. That’s what drives brands in today’s always-on world.

Successful marketing and advertising is about building an ongoing relationship with people, reaching them where they are hanging out online. It’s a two-way street now. The best brands keep an open dialogue with consumers. They provide them with relevant, interesting and entertaining information on a consistent basis.

Perhaps there’s no better place to do this than on...

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Topics: social media, social media listening, social media strategy, social media monitoring, advertising, community management

3 Powerful Social Media Listening Insights To Guide Your Strategy

By Derek Franks  •  May 31, 2017

Us social media marketers know the scenario: you’re working hard to develop a social media strategy for your company or your client. But you can’t decide what data is the most important to help guide that strategy.

The good news? There is a lot of information out there. Online conversations help us better understand audiences and create lasting connections with real people. Your social media approach will likely vary depending on your business...

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Topics: social media listening, social media, social media research, social media monitoring, strategy, social media strategy, sentiment analysis

Using Social Listening Data to Predict the 2017 Oscars

By Megan Owara  •  February 24, 2017

With Hollywood's biggest night of the year finally here, you may be wondering who has the competitive edge going into Sunday night's Academy Awards.  Is there a way to data to predict the Oscars?

Social listening data can be a great way to gather industry and user-generated opinions on Hollywood's biggest award show of the year.  To select our picks, we used the universe post volume and positive sentiment from Infegy Atlas to score each movie,...

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Topics: oscars, entertainment

Infegy Turns 10!

By Megan Owara  •  February 19, 2017

10 years ago today Infegy was officially founded, and began offering social intelligence software clients could use to better understand their ideal consumers. Infegy has been collecting an immense volume data ever since.
Since our first day 10 years ago we've made some big strides in improving our social listening platform, Infegy Atlas. Some fun facts on scaling our system with the immense growth in social data available today include:
  • ...
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Topics: anniversary

The World's Most Popular Brands of 2016

By Justin Graves  •  January 6, 2017


Infegy's list of the Top 50 Most Popular Brands of 2016 has been published! Through analysis by Infegy Atlas of billions of online posts, tweets, articles, blogs and more, we have ranked brands by total positive commentary, giving you the top 50.


Which brand topped 2016? The answer is Instagram!


Visit the interactive site to view the full list, with rankings, sentiment, volume trends, topics of discussion, gender split and...

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Learning banking behaviors through social media listening

By Tiffany Tran  •  December 20, 2016

Social media has changed the landscape of banking significantly within the last decade. This topic is obviously not something brand new to the industry.  It is safe to say that most of the industry understands what social media tools could potentially do for its business.

In general, what banks know about social media listening tools are typically true across the field. The banking industry can improve the way it detects and handles crisis'...

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Topics: banking, social media listening

Can Amazon compete with Netflix original content? Social data says no.

By Jordan Hanson  •  November 30, 2016

It feels like consumers looking for streaming video online have a really wide range of content options these days. Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are the biggest names in original video content, but Facebook and YouTube seem ready to jump on the bandwagon with aggressive promotion strategies for Facebook Live and YouTube Originals, respectively.

Will Amazon compete with Netflix original content? What does their content strategy even look like?


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Topics: netflix, brands, original content, streaming video

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