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The Social Media Intelligence Blog


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Using Social Listening Data to Predict the 2017 Oscars

Infegy Turns 10!

The World's Most Popular Brands of 2016

Learning banking behaviors through social media listening

Can Amazon compete with Netflix original content? Social data says no.

How Brands Can Leverage Social Media Insights About Netflix

AT&T/Time Warner merger looks bad for consumers in social data

October 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Raidious

Infegy analyzed more than 4.2B posts for "Best Global Brands"

Measuring AT&T's It Can Wait using social media monitoring data

Using Social Media Reviews for Product Research and Development

Social data says Trump won Millennials, lost Millennial women in 1st debate

September 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Sullivan, Higdon & Sink

AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’: How a brand changed messaging and minds

Brands can thank Starbucks for making pumpkin spice popular

How do Wireless Customers Feel about Loyalty Programs?

Social media data shows public backlash to sexist Olympic coverage

August 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Seek Company

Top tips for building social media reports in Infegy Canvas

Beer isn’t just for Boys: Using Social Data to Reach New Audiences

Using social media research to create great advertising campaigns

How social data can solve YOUR brand's 'granny panty' problem

We knew nothing about Jon Snow. Our software knew 9 years ago.

July 2016 Infegy Client Spotlight: Mintel

Spotting Fast Fashion Support Mistakes with Social Data

Why Marketers Struggle to Connect With Eco Friendly Audiences

Guide: How to use social data for buyer journey research

Can sentiment analysis detect sarcasm on the internet? Oh yeah, totally...

Common objections to adopting a social intelligence tool

How Agencies Can Speak for Brands Using Social Data

What Retailers Can Learn From Fast Fashion Problems

Introducing Atlas 2.0, the next generation of social media intelligence

How Wireless Carriers Can Profit from Social Media Research

Marketing Disney's New Star Wars for 'May the Fourth'

Spokespeople in the Social Age: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Streaming music: What artists can learn from Kanye West

Using social listening to understand the buyer's journey

6 Ways Social Media Intelligence Can Improve Retail Brands

The media bias against Bernie Sanders examined in 4 charts

Using Social Media Intelligence to Design Better Survey Questions

Which cheese does America prefer? #TrumpVSTaco

Trump, Clinton Win March 15 Primary Election in Social Data

How to Conduct Social Media Research

Leveraging Social Media Data for Cosmetics Research

12 Great Social Listening Use Cases for Ad Agencies

Brands, Listen: Valentine's Isn't Just for Ladies (Anymore)

Setting Client Expectations With Social Media Research

Election 2016: Social Predicts New Hampshire Primary Result

Election 2016: Iowa According to Social Media

What is Social Media Intelligence?

Election 2016: Defining the Scope of Social Media Research

Big Brands Marketing to Star Wars Fans, Good or Bad?

The World’s 50 Most Popular Brands – November 2015 Recap

To Provide Excellent Customer Service, Do as Waiters Do.

Are Black Friday Deals “Worth It” for Consumers?

Consumer Insights for the Wearable Technology Industry

Xbox-Only Halo 5 Guardians Buoys Microsoft's Holiday Hopes

The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - October 2015 Recap

McDonald's Breakfast Disappoints?

Nickelodeon's 90s: Why Can’t We Watch Cartoons Online?

How to Build an Effective Social Media Research Report

Struggling with Brand Loyalty? Protect Your User Data

Social Media Monitoring Hacks for Low Search Volume

The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - September 2015 Recap

60+ Free Resources for Mastering Social Monitoring

Facebook’s 61 Million User Big Data Voting Experiment

CVS and Walgreens go Head to Head in Beauty

What Gamers Think of the Top Pizza Delivery Chains

The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - August 2015 Recap

The Pumpkin Spice Latte: A Flavor in Decline?

Using Big Data + Text Analytics to Create a Better News Feed

5 Social Media Templates For Making Insights Actionable

The Two Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Analysis

The Content Question for Social Media Intelligence: What, When, and Why?

Winning at Social Media Marketing Without Pissing Off The FTC

Supercharging Market Research With Social Media Research

Why Vacation Matters: The Problem with PTO in America

The Strategic Value of Social Media for Pharmaceutical Companies

Amazingly "Uber": Why Mobile Data is Critical to Business

How Social Media Data is Enriching Market Research

A Modern Marketer's Guide to Creating Better Buyer Personas

Using Social Listening for Competitive Intelligence

The Differences Between Social Monitoring, Listening, and Analytics

Want to Work in Social Media? There's a Few Things You Should Know First

5 Things Millennials Want McDonald's to Know

Skyrocket Client Retention With These 10 Customer Service Tricks

The Secrets to Building Great Social Media Monitoring Queries

Understanding Sentiment Analysis and Sentiment Accuracy

Social Media Insights for the Travel and Tourism Industry

5 Things to Look for in a Social Media Monitoring Platform

Social Media Showdown, KC Royals vs SF Giants World Series 2014

4 Areas Retailers Must Focus on During the Holiday Season

The Top CMOs on Social Media, via Forbes and Infegy

E-Cigarettes, A Gateway to Nicotine Addiction?

Social Media Statistics on Health and Diet Trends

Social Media Monitoring for Retail Uncovers Consumer Behaviors

Social Media Analysis for the Movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Omnicom Inks $230m Deal With Twitter

The Battle to Bring Dragon Ball Z to Netflix

Facebook's Acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial Social Media Analysis

Historical Twitter Data - Why it matters and where to get it

Social Analysis of the 71st Golden Globes, When Jennifer Lawrence Photobombed Taylor Swift

Social Media Statistics on The Rise of Cyber Bullying

Obesity, A Growing Epidemic in America

TV Shows Netflix Users Want — No Mind Reading Involved

Forbes Top-Earning Celebrities

Consumer Electronics: Early Adopters vs. the Press

Using Social Media to Predict Box Office Performance

Big Data Intelligence Gives Brands a Competitive Edge

Natural Peanut Butter Healthier Than Regular Peanut Butter?

Using Social Media Research to Understand Car Buying

America’s Gun Debate Goes Social


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