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Using social listening to understand the buyer's journey

By Rion Martin  •  April 18, 2016

The purchase funnel is dead! RIP 1898 - 2004

If you’re in marketing or advertising you’ve probably seen more than just a few articles expressing this exact sentiment.  

The general consensus is that with more potential touch points, product choices, and easier access to information, the traditional purchase funnel model is now inadequate for accurately mapping the path to purchase.

What has emerged in its place is the buyer’s journey. A new...

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6 Ways Social Media Intelligence Can Improve Retail Brands

By Tiffany Tran  •  March 31, 2016

According to the PEW Research Center, two-thirds of American adults are now using social media platforms. Wowza!


Yet, it’s not just keeping up with friends and family that happen on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Consumers share pricing information, recommendations, opinions on tangibles and experiences, and other highly valuable information on their preferences, journeys, and experiences. This has become a natural way for...

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Topics: social media intelligence, social media, beauty, retail

The media bias against Bernie Sanders examined in 4 charts

By Rion Martin  •  March 29, 2016

When it comes to the upcoming election, I know far more people that support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

I mean it's not even close. Maybe one Hillary supporter for every ten Bernie supporters.

Yet, when it comes to what I've seen in the news, it FEELS like the media covers Hillary Clinton significantly more often.

But after this weekend, it no longer seems to be an accident that I feel this way.

On their home page, CNN posted coverage...

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Using Social Media Intelligence to Design Better Survey Questions

By Tiffany Tran  •  March 22, 2016

Creating a survey that people will actually answer or that provides valuable answers to business questions can definitely be one of those, "sounds pretty easy, but not really" type of deals.

Pew Research says, questionnaire design is perhaps the most important part of the survey process. It is the creation of questions that accurately measure the opinions, experiences and behaviors in public.


If you're having trouble learning the fundamentals...

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Topics: social media intelligence, market research, survey design, social media listening

Which cheese does America prefer? #TrumpVSTaco

By Jordan Hanson  •  March 16, 2016

Writing about Donald Trump is a complicated process. Recent coverage concerning him ranges from his business practices and understanding of political ethics to the beauty pageant he owned until last year. One thing is certain: Trump has garnered a substantial amount of public support throughout the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Donald Trump is also a cheesy, stereotypical fast-talking businessman. He's loud, he makes bold statements that...

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Topics: polling, election, brands, marketing

Trump, Clinton Win March 15 Primary Election in Social Data

By Jordan Hanson  •  March 15, 2016

 According to data from social media conversations, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the projected overall winners in presidential primaries taking place today in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Infegy's home state of Missouri. John Kasich takes second for the Republicans, followed by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, respectively.

Key Demographics in Social Intelligence Data

Bernie Sanders comes second to Hillary Clinton, but with a...

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Topics: polling, data viz, election, social media dashboards

How to Conduct Social Media Research

By Rion Martin  •  March 14, 2016

As Donald Trump would say, "The amount of data out there? It's YUGE! I mean, it really is."

In fact, according to DOMO, every minute: Facebook users 'like' 4.1m posts, Twitter users send 350k tweets, Instagrammers 'like' 1.7m photos, and Snapchatters share 284k snaps.

Within this data is a treasure trove of potentially valuable information. However, the hard part isn't getting your hands on data, it's actually getting any meaning from it...

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Leveraging Social Media Data for Cosmetics Research

By Tiffany Tran  •  February 26, 2016

Who seriously doesn't love affordable makeup?!

While there are plenty of competing brands that are "budget friendly" when it comes to buying makeup, two brands have been really killing the "more bang for your buck" motto.

If you simply Google "affordable makeup", you'll run into many savvy beauty bloggers online that consistently bring up two brands in particular when it comes to buying decent quality makeup at low prices, NYX and E.L.F.


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Topics: beauty

12 Great Social Listening Use Cases for Ad Agencies

By Rion Martin  •  February 18, 2016

Ad agencies. Cradles of creativity, epicenters of innovation, and the birthplaces of social media listening. 

That's right! Little known fact: some of the earliest social listening tools got their start at ad agencies. Take VML's SEER, for example. 

But what started out as a tool to simply monitor when and where people were talking about their clients on the internet has evolved into something with many more use cases.

Let's take a look at...

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Topics: marketing

Brands, Listen: Valentine's Isn't Just for Ladies (Anymore)

By Jordan Hanson  •  February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day was last weekend. You're thinking, "So what? It's all just a commercialized holiday opportunity to sell jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and ad time, all bundled up with the idea that sex (or love) sells."

Since most of our readers are agency clients, I'd like to address this next comment to you: You'd be right, but you'd also be surprised at the subtle trends showing up in our social intelligence data.


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Topics: social media intelligence, holiday, brands, marketing, valentine's

Setting Client Expectations With Social Media Research

By Tiffany Tran  •  February 10, 2016

I have seen plenty of examples where new and seasoned social media monitoring users get stumped with client requests on social media research.

How come there isn't enough data on Allegra within the past year? Why aren’t parents talking about buying their kids a new Xbox on Black Friday? How are we supposed to analyze Cheerio loving moms, if moms aren't talking enough about Cheerios?!

These examples of unanswered questions in turn make it...

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Election 2016: Social Predicts New Hampshire Primary Result

By Jordan Hanson  •  February 10, 2016

The New Hampshire election results from last night mean we have another data set to consider as the presidential race marches toward the general election season.

Yesterday, we kept track of how many voters declared their intention to vote for any individual candidate for twelve hours, beginning at 10AM.

Interestingly, the results don't change much throughout the day. See the chart after the break.

This set of graphs visualizes each candidate's...

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Topics: polling, election, social media intelligence

Election 2016: Iowa According to Social Media

By Jordan Hanson  •  February 3, 2016

Official election results are finally here. As with every presidential election since 1972, the race for the presidency begins in Iowa. Candidates from both major parties eagerly awaited the final declaration of Iowa tallies, marking the first event in a long series of results that will separate the losers from each party’s eventual nominee.

The data suggests social media intelligence tools provide similar results to more traditional election...

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Topics: election

What is Social Media Intelligence?

By Rion Martin  •  January 26, 2016

"It seems like just yesterday our brand just needed to monitor to social media, then we needed to listen, now we're starting to hear more and more about social media intelligence? Is there even a difference?"

Absolutely! However, more than these terms describing different things, what they actually represent is the evolution of social media collection and analysis tools.

That still doesn't really tell you the difference though, does it?

So to...

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Topics: social media intelligence

Election 2016: Defining the Scope of Social Media Research

By Jordan Hanson  •  January 21, 2016

This post is the first in a series that will examine many of the top issues US presidential candidates will discuss as they vie for the White House this November. As we have previously discussed, traditional public polling methods are on the decline. As people answer their phones less and migrate towards the internet more, a viable alternative polling method has yet to be discovered.

For both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, however, the Obama...

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Topics: polling, election, social media dashboards

Big Brands Marketing to Star Wars Fans, Good or Bad?

By Tiffany Tran  •  December 15, 2015

The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is almost here! Leading up to its release a wide variety of consumer product companies have been leveraging the Star Wars brand for their own clever gains.

For example, some brands have used the iconic movie to spark up new marketing initiatives while others used it to pitch new products.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 'Episode VII' is projected to make $3.5billion...

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The World’s 50 Most Popular Brands – November 2015 Recap

By Rion Martin  •  December 9, 2015

Going back to 2009 and updating each month, our World’s 50 Most Popular Brands dashboard analyzed conversations from all over the social web to highlight the brands people talk about most often and to what degree of favorability.

What’s really interesting about the Top 50 brands dashboard is the drama it uncovers, and that’s exactly what these monthly recap posts are all about.

November 2015 was a massive month for entertainment with high...

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Topics: data viz, social media dashboards, brands

To Provide Excellent Customer Service, Do as Waiters Do.

By Alex Walter  •  December 9, 2015

Much like ice cream, excellent customer service and support comes in many shapes and flavors.

Unlike ice cream, support is a dish best served warm.

An unfortunate side effect of my background in hospitality is never ending tongue in cheek food analogies and the constant urge to sniff out similarities between my former role and my current position in customer service / client relations.

A hero of my former boss turned mentor Ted, is Danny Meyer....

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Are Black Friday Deals “Worth It” for Consumers?

By Jordan Hanson  •  December 3, 2015

Black Friday deals and their respective flash sales are finally over. Many of us can return to our favorite retail outlets, free of the traditional frenzied holiday crowd.

There is no denying that holiday shopping is an important segment of consumer spending.

Let me say that again: as much consumers might want to downplay the significance of traditional retail holidays typically beginning around Thanksgiving every year, there is no denying that...

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Consumer Insights for the Wearable Technology Industry

By Rion Martin  •  November 25, 2015

The rapid growth of the wearable technology industry can be seen on once-bare wrists everywhere, and with Apple's recent entrance into the smartwatch category, that growth is now accelerating at an even quicker pace.

Just how fast is the industry growing? Well, from 2014 to 2015 shipments of smartwatches and fitness bands have increased by 223% and social media conversations about these devices have increased by 1788%.

Source: IDC Worldwide...

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Xbox-Only Halo 5 Guardians Buoys Microsoft's Holiday Hopes

By Jordan Hanson  •  November 18, 2015

Exclusive game releases are exceptionally valuable marketing tools for console gaming companies, especially when brands are able to build significant levels of anticipation. Microsoft’s Halo franchise has been particularly adept at this in the past, but can the upcoming fifth release continue that momentum?

How are gamers responding to the newest franchise release? In this post, we’ll examine social media data from people who identify...

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The World's 50 Most Popular Brands - October 2015 Recap

By Rion Martin  •  November 16, 2015

Going back to 2009 and updating each month, our World’s 50 Most Popular Brands dashboard analyzed conversations from all over the social web to highlight the brands people talk about most often and to what degree of favorability.

What’s really interesting about the Top 50 brands dashboard is the drama it uncovers, and that’s exactly what these monthly recap posts are all about.

Below are the highlights of some of the largest changes in rank and...

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McDonald's Breakfast Disappoints?

By Tiffany Tran  •  November 11, 2015

I cannot explain the pure joy I had when I heard McDonald's all day breakfast was here.

It's been a little over a month since McDonald's launched all-day breakfast on October 6th and I wondered, how successful has the campaign been so far?

McDonald's corporate has been tooting its own horn since the launch, but franchises aren’t particularly lovin' it. Many of the complaints have been about efficiency problems, loss of sales, and issues with...

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Nickelodeon's 90s: Why Can’t We Watch Cartoons Online?

By Jordan Hanson  •  November 4, 2015

“Nick, nick nick nick, nick nick, nick nick. Nickelodeon.” The theme songs from my childhood are still so clear in my mind I can recognize my favorite shows seconds after they start.

The same is likely true for many millennial TV viewers now maturing into higher buying power, and therefore the center of many marketers’ crosshairs. If I could watch cartoons online, I would never get anything done. Now that's captive audience advertising.


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How to Build an Effective Social Media Research Report

By Tiffany Tran  •  October 20, 2015

Depending on what industries you are working with, planning and structuring a new report can be stressful.

A brief walkthrough of the typical process would be meeting with the client, understanding their needs, brainstorming ideas together, structuring and executing research, pulling data together, making sense of the data, writing and editing, formatting, designing, presenting data findings and making recommendations.

Don’t let the whole...

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